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Stop Working Like A Serf
And Become A True Landlord Again.

Florida’s only full-service property management and investment concierge.


Florida’s Only Full-Service Property Management and Investment Concierge.

Real estate investing can be your ticket to boundless wealth, or a bottomless money pit. The real difference between those landlords living the dream of running a real estate empire that generates endless passive income and those forced to work every day to stay above water is all about finding the right property management partner.

At Luxury Property Care, we do more than just manage real estate—we add immediate and quantifiable value to your business that more than offsets our fees. In short, we’re not a line item expense but the savviest investment you can make that will keep generating you more wealth for years to come.

How exactly do we not just save you money, but also make you more?



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Guaranteed Best Market Rental Rates

In just about every case, we can increase a new client’s monthly rental payment by 5 – 15%. We’ve built up partnerships with hundreds of organizations…

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Full Spectrum Tenant Management

Besides our 10-step new tenant screening program, the secret to our success is being proactive and in constant communication with our tenants…

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Lowest Maintenance and Repair Costs

Since we’re a high-volume employer that works with the same carefully vetted contractors on thousands of properties, we guarantee our repair…

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All-Inclusive Administrative Support

We centralize every aspect of your investments into a single professional online dashboard that you can easily check anytime you want…


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Off-Market Lead Generation

Using proprietary software, we scan thousands of off-market leads every day from pre-foreclosures, estates, probates, divorce filings and distressed homeowner leads before any public notice is made. We then cherry pick from the highest equity properties with the lowest rehab costs to create a list of potential investments for you to choose from.

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Full-Service Acquisition At Our Expense

After you’ve selected your “shopping list” and set a project budget, our in-house sales team reaches out to the homeowners to seal the deal and secure as much quality inventory as you can afford, at the lowest price possible. We cover all marketing costs.

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Commercial Investment Services At Retail Pricing

Our fee for this unique service is simply a negotiable percentage of the difference between the property’s current market and the discounted price we secured with the homeowner. So both our interests are aligned since the more we save you, the more we earn.

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Keep Your Rehab Costs Down and Equity High

While there is no obligation to then use our property management resources for properties we acquired for you, it is recommended because of the synergistic savings. Since we know so much about the property already, we can save you considerably on rehab, staging, legal and other investment costs.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“It’s amazing how much they can take off your plate. I really enjoyed working with them… After hiring them once, I moved my entire portfolio to Luxury Property Care and started recommending that all my clients do the same.”

Tomor, Title Attorney
Fort Lauderdale, FL


“I brought them properties with major issues, especially code violations that I didn’t know how to deal with. They knew exactly who to call to get things fixed up, inspected and the violations cleared much cheaper and faster than my contractor could.”

Sagi, Entrepreneur
Boca Raton, Fl

“I tried several different property management companies, but I always had the tenants calling to complain about the service. Ever since I switched to Luxury Property Care, everything has been quiet down there. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my rentals in Florida.”

Reuben Alkali, Investor
New York


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