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Whether you live in a tiny suburban home or a luxury estate in Miami Beach, part of your responsibilities as a homeowner is to make sure that your property is well taken care of. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on home improvement. We’ve compiled easy DIY home improvement projects that can enhance your home’s livability, increase its value, and make it look fresh off Architectural Digest!

Getting Started with Easy DIY Home Improvement Projects

Looking for easy ways to spruce up your home? These easy DIY home improvement projects must help you to improve your living areas and make them look better than before.

#1 Paint Accent Wall

Paint Accent Wall

Our first focus of the easy DIY home improvement projects list is to paint the accent wall. A fresh coat of paint can transform a room instantly. You don’t even have to repaint the entire room — an accent wall can make any space look ten times more interesting. Accent walls create a focal point in the room and can be pops of color or unique patterns and textures. If you want something simple, go for a solid color, but if you’re looking for something more fun, you can play with geometric designs.

If you don’t want to wait for the paint to dry, you can always use patterned wallpaper. Choose designs that complement your room’s current color and theme. You could also try painting your ceiling to draw the eye upward.

#2 Give Your Kitchen Cabinets A Makeover

Give Your Kitchen Cabinets a Makeover

It is another easy do-it-yourself home improvement as a total kitchen upgrade is expensive. The good news is that you can make your kitchen look brand-new by just giving your kitchen cabinets a makeover. Do it yourself by sanding down your kitchen cabinets and then applying a fresh coat of paint. Replace the hardware such as the knobs with something more modern such as metallic handles. You could also get rid of your kitchen cabinets for a more open look. Residences with open-shelving sell faster than homes with traditional cabinetry.

#3 Add A Backsplash

One of the most overlooked parts of a kitchen is the backsplash. A backsplash can be an interesting feature of your kitchen, giving it more color and life. The best part? Tiling your kitchen backsplash is extremely easy and affordable since you will only be needing a few tiles. Choose any tiles that suit your style — you could go for plain white tiles for a modern look or bold patterns for something more themed.

#4 Install New Faucets

Install New Faucets

Faucets are associated with doing the dishes, brushing teeth, and other activities that spark no joy. By replacing your faucet with new ones, you can instantly make your kitchen and bathroom look like they just went through a major renovation. This minor fix is typically done by property managers and real estate agents before renting out a home. Inexpensive touches like a shiny new faucet will make your room look up-to-date, which is what most tenants are looking for.

#5 Install Smart Devices

install smart devices

Today’s homes use technology to make doing the most mundane tasks, such as opening the blinds and turning on the radio, a lot easier. By installing home techs such as a smart doorbell/camera or a home automation hub like Alexa, you can make your home ready for the future. A smart hub lets you integrate all of your electronics and smart appliances, from your television to your refrigerator, allowing you to control everything from one device. The more tech your home has, the greater its value becomes. Plus keep in mind the maintenance of electronics items. If you need help in maintaining a luxury home, Luxury Property Care can help you.

#6 Add New Cushions or Covers

Add New Cushions or Covers

Cushions are an inexpensive and easy do-it-yourself home improvement way to liven up your room. Couches that don’t have cushions just don’t look inviting — plus, cushions are perfect for cozy nights in. If you already have cushions, a quick way to spruce them up is by buying or making new cushion covers. Choose interesting patterns and textures to add dimension to your couch. If you have a light-color sofa, break up the color with dark pillows combined with lighter, textured ones. The recommended number per sofa ranges from three to six cushions.

#7 Landscaping the Lawn

Landscaping the Lawn

This isn’t the fastest do-it-yourself project, but it will definitely make a difference. Enhance your property’s curb appeal by landscaping your front lawn. You don’t have to install fountains or buy rare flowers to make a good first impression. Simple things like planting new grass, installing new planters, or trimming shrubs can make your front lawn look lush and well-maintained. If you’re planning on leasing your property, be sure to keep your garden low-maintenance so that your tenants can easily take care of it.

#8 Get Rid of Popcorn Ceilings

Get Rid of Popcorn Ceilings

If you live in a home that was built before the 21st century, you’re probably familiar with popcorn ceilings. Popcorn ceilings, or stipple ceilings, look like bumpy, textured surfaces that can ruin the value of your property. This is because most popcorn ceilings contain asbestos, which can cause mesothelioma when inhaled. Removing popcorn ceilings can be done simply by spraying the ceiling with water and then scraping away. However, it is extremely important to first test whether there is asbestos in the apartment or not. If no trace of asbestos is found, only then can you get rid of popcorn ceilings safely.

#9 Repaint the Front Door

Repaint the Front Door

The easiest DIY of easy DIY home improvement projects list is repainting the front door. The fastest and easiest way to upgrade your home’s curb appeal is by repainting the front door. Give your boring door a fresh look by painting it a bold color that complements your exterior wall. A pop of classic white would go perfectly against a brick wall, while a rich brown color would be a nice contrast to a white exterior. You can repaint your front door by yourself with just a can of paint and a paint roller! You’ll have an upgraded entryway before the day ends.


A home is an expensive investment. This means that you will have to put in extra effort to make sure that your property retains its value for years to come. With Luxury Property Care, you can leave the responsibilities to property managers who are experts at maintaining all kinds of properties and guide you on home decorating ideas on a budget. From making sure that your garden is lush to performing regular inspections, Luxury Property Care can help you maintain your property as well as earn from it. Get in touch with us today by calling (561) 944-2992 or filling out our contact form.

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