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Making your home “smarter” isn’t just a trendy thing to do. It offers a wide range of advantages, such as convenience, remote access, increased security, and efficient home management. With that said, it’s no wonder why more and more homeowners are embracing smart home systems.

If you’re still on the fence about implementing these innovations into your Florida home, we’re here to change your mind. In this post, we outline the pros of integrating smart systems into your home, illustrating their advantages through AI’s common applications.

What Are the Advantage of Having a Smart Home?

Interconnectivity of Devices

Smart home systems can communicate with one another and have the ability to be linked. This allows homeowners to monitor and manage a wide range of systems at once, from smart TVs to smart lighting to smart thermostats, from one device. Typically, all you will need is one app on your smartphone. From there, you’ll have access to every smart system’s functions – this means you don’t need to get up when you want to change the settings of, say, your HVAC!

Remote Management or Control

Forgot to turn off your outdoor lights? Or maybe you want your interiors to be exactly 22°C by the time you head home from work? One of the conveniences offered by smart home systems is that you can control your home’s functions while you’re away. So, if you forgot to turn off the thermostat, you can simply switch it off whenever, wherever and keep your utility costs low.

Health Monitoring

Health Monitoring

Two-way communication devices such as Wellcam allow you to set up a smart security camera to monitor your elderly loved ones’ condition. In case they need medical assistance, your loved ones can directly communicate with you wherever they are in their home. Furthermore, some smart systems can be integrated with wristbands to monitor your family member’s heart rate. This perfectly works alongside your property management company’s personal care services.

Home Management

Get real-time insights into your energy usage with smart thermostats, allowing you to create a more energy-efficient home. Find out whether or not it’s time to refill your fridge with your smart refrigerator (yes, that means you no longer need to open it to check what ingredients you still have!). Monitor how much time your children spend on Netflix with a smart TV including what shows they’re watching. With this data, you’ll be able to change your family’s lifestyle for the better.

Increased Home Security

Enhance your home’s surveillance systems with smart security cameras, which come with real-time monitoring, allowing you to keep an eye on your property at all times. In case your smart security systems notice suspicious activity, you can receive alerts on your smart phone. Some smart systems can even be configured to call the local authorities and notify your property management firm if they detect movement when no one is supposed to be around. Smart security systems can also include your smart lights, which can be programmed to turn on when outdoor movement is detected. In most cases, this is enough to ward off would-be burglars.

Raises the Value of Real Estate

Raises the Value of Real Estate

From a property investor’s point of view, designing a smart or AI-powered home allows them to benefit from a higher home value. Even the most minor smart touches, such as smart locks and thermostats, can make your property more attractive, especially to millennial tenants who seek out homes with modern-day conveniences.

How AI Is Integrated Into Your Home

To give you an idea of how AI is integrated into homes, we’ve compiled a few of its applications below (you may already be familiar with some, if not most, of them).

Smart Assistants

You’re likely already familiar with smart assistants like Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Extreme. When linked to the rest of your smart home systems, these AI-powered tools will carry out your commands, such as calling a friend, searching for something on Google, setting the thermostat, and much more.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Don’t know how to cook? Don’t worry. Your smart appliances can cook your food to perfection that even the world’s top chefs would approve of it. You could even “tell” your oven to cook for you or set its temperature while you’re still at work. Plus, if there’s a dish you want to try, you can simply “feed” that recipe to your appliance and they’ll prepare it for you. More importantly, smart kitchen appliances come with automatic shut-off features, which reduce the risk of accidents such as fires, gas leaks, etc.

AI Cleaners

Who doesn’t have a smart vacuum cleaner these days? AI cleaners such as Roomba don’t only have built-in sensors that enable them to map out the floor plan, but they can also learn your cleaning habits. Plus, it can offer recommendations on where, when, and how to clean your home.

But do note that AI cleaners are only capable of light work. It would be better to partner with a home management company that can deep-clean and do a full sweep of your home.

Smart Fridge

Smart Fridge

Want to always have a fully-stocked fridge? Get a smart fridge, which comes with the ability to track when your ingredients are low. It can also recommend which meals to make with the ingredients you have on hand, and order any missing ones online.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are the most popular smart home systems out there. Once connected to your smartphone, smart locks will alert you when someone attempts to enter your home. But that’s not all – it also lets you lock and unlock your door while you’re away, and thanks to its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, it enables you to communicate with whoever is at the door. The best part? Using smart locks means you no longer need to carry around a set of keys and risk losing them.

Ready to Make Your Home Smarter?

At Luxury Property Care, we provide premier property management services in the USA, which include implementing upgrades that will make your home more energy-efficient and fitting for your lifestyle.  Let our team know if you’re ready to embrace tech, and we’ll assign you a home manager who will assist you with the process. Call (561) 944 – 2992 or complete our contact form for more information.

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