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Many property management companies take the “cookie cutter” approach and manage all of the properties in their portfolio the same way. To them, it won’t matter if your home has out-of-the-ordinary amenities – they will manage it in the same way they manage an ordinary single-family home.

While this way of doing things can be beneficial from the property management company’s perspective (it saves them time, money, and resources), it’s not ideal for all homeowners, particularly the ones who want their properties managed in a very specific way. Enter bespoke property management – if that sounds confusing, simply replace the word “bespoke” with “custom”, “tailor-made”, or other synonyms.

What Is Bespoke Property Management

In bespoke property management, the property management company works hand-in-hand with the homeowner to create a custom management plan that applies to their property in particular. It’s designed for homeowners who can’t seem to find a pre-made property management package from any company.

By choosing bespoke property management, homeowners can decide how they want their properties to be managed, and handpick the parts that need managing. For example, a homeowner may want their property manager to maintain only the interior because they want to care for the exterior themselves. Or, a homeowner may want to request a concierge to help them schedule meetings, go grocery shopping, pick up dry-cleaning, and so on.

5 Reasons Why You Need Bespoke Property Management

Let’s take a look at why bespoke property management is your best bet.

#1 Your Property May Have Unique Amenities

Your Property May Have Unique Amenities

Does your home have an elevator, or maybe a ballroom? Or are your walls made of real foliage that needs watering? Or maybe your home can be controlled with AI? If your home has features you wouldn’t find in the standard home, cookie-cutter property management likely won’t do. Most property management companies aren’t familiar with how to maintain homes with unique requirements. Only a bespoke property management company will be up to the task.

A bespoke company employs only the best of the best people to make sure they can cater to your home’s every need. They undergo regular training to guarantee that they can properly care for your home’s amenities, regardless of how strange or cutting-edge they are. They stay up to date with interior design trends to ensure they can care for your surfaces, floors, etc. correctly. They also study how to use innovative home systems such as smart locks, smart thermostats, and more. They’ll do everything they can to accommodate your home’s every need.

#2 You May Want to Manage Some Aspects Yourself

The best thing about bespoke property management is you can pick and choose what you want your company to do. Even if your company provides full-service property management, they might still be open to making changes if you want to be a bit involved.

Aside from that, you can also instruct your team to put more focus on certain aspects of your property. For example, let’s say you care more about your home’s exterior than the interior. In that case, you can tell your dedicated property manager to spend more time on landscaping. They’ll still maintain the rest of your home, but for the most part, they will be focused on responsibilities such as trimming the trees, mowing the lawn, and so on.

#3 You May Have High Standards an Average Company Can’t Satisfy

Property management companies understand that you care for your property and that you’ve attached sentimental value to it. You’ve probably saved up for it for years, so it’s only natural that you’d want it to be cared for properly. For you, subpar work won’t do – your home must be maintained with the highest standards that only a good management company can meet.

A professional property management company providing custom services will do more than what the “average” company does. When you work with them, they’ll start the relationship with a one-on-one consultation to find out how you want your home to be managed. From there, they’ll aim to do more.

For example, if other companies simply clean your closets, they’ll do more by decluttering, sorting by color, and donating clothes, too. If you want them to clean your kitchen, they’ll do more than wipe the kitchen countertops – they’ll also clean inside your appliances.

#4 You Want Your Property to Receive Undivided Attention

You Want Your Property to Receive Undivided Attention

Big companies won’t want to do things your way because they think that bespoke solutions are too time-consuming. Keep in mind that their goal is to make money – the more properties they manage, the more money they’ll make. If they provided tailor-made property management, that would mean they’d have to spend more time per property. They’d rather split up that time among many properties to generate more earnings. That’s why they opt for the “shortcut” and implement the same processes and procedures for all properties under their care.

When you work with a company that offers custom property management, your property will get your agent’s full attention. Their goal isn’t to make more money for their company – it’s to manage your home to your requirements. They may charge you more to recover the money they’ve lost from the properties they could’ve managed, but they’ll go the extra mile to exceed your expectations. In short, you’ll pay a premium price for premium services.

#5 Your Home Features Unique Finishings, Furniture, and More

Do your home’s surfaces, floors, furniture, and more have unique requirements when it comes to maintenance? Perhaps your tables are made from a rare type of wood, or your walls feature floor-to-ceiling glass? In any case, partnering with a property management company can guarantee that your home is properly cared for, even if it features the most complicated construction and materials.

Get Bespoke Property Management Services in South Florida

At Luxury Property Care, we take a tailor-made approach to property management. After conducting a consultation with you, we will craft a custom property management plan designed to address your property’s needs and demands. Because for us, bespoke property management is the key to keeping your home in pristine condition. It’s the only kind of property management your home deserves.

To get started, call (561) 944 – 2992 or fill out a contact form today.

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