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Living in Florida provides you with the opportunity to create a spa-inspired property that matches the area’s relaxed surroundings. In this article, we’ll explore nine ways to design a serene retreat in the Sunshine State.  Plus, we’ll share the top markets that perfectly complement your vision of a spa-like getaway.

9 Ways to Transform Your Home into a Spa-Inspired Retreat

Here are nine luxurious ideas to turn your Florida home into a spa-inspired paradise:

1. Design a Dedicated Wellness Area

Luxury properties often boast ample space, providing you with the opportunity to design a wellness retreat. Create this haven within your home, away from areas with heavy foot traffic, so you can get away after a long day and indulge in different self-care rituals. Simply choose a peaceful spot in your home, add cushions and comfy couches, and you’re all set!

2. Bring the Outdoors In

Bring the Outdoors In

When it comes to interior design, most people suggest bringing the inside out–for example, by building a patio where homeowners can relax. However, creating a spa-like property involves the opposite, that is, bringing the outside in. Adding plants to your home can make you feel more connected to nature, resulting in less stress.

If you’re concerned about plant care (or if you don’t have a green thumb), fill your interiors with low-maintenance options, such as succulents and snake plants.

3. Embrace an Earthy Color Palette

Channel the soothing vibes of the spa by choosing a consistent color palette of warm, earthy tones. This can include shades of green, yellow, brown, and beige. To add a subtle pop of color, incorporate artwork that complements the calming atmosphere without disrupting it. In other words, don’t fill your walls with art that evokes anger, when your home is supposed to evoke calm!

4. Sprinkle Small Luxuries Around Your Home

To make your home feel more sophisticated and well-thought-out, throw in a few luxury details throughout. For example, you may light scented candles in your living spaces, stock your bathroom with the softest bathrobes and bath bombs, and decorate your living room with plush blankets. These inexpensive touches can infuse an air of class into your interiors.

5. Focus on Soft Lighting

Focus on Soft Lighting

Say goodbye to harsh lighting. A distinct characteristic of spa-like properties is their soft, ambient illumination. You can achieve this with recessed lights, lamps, and other soft light sources. This simple choice can emulate the serenity of a spa, making your home feel more calming.

6. Design an Indoor Gym

Most luxury homes come with home gyms, but if your particular property doesn’t, be sure to build one. Similar to creating your own wellness retreat, a home gym offers you the chance to get away for a while and simply focus on fitness. Furthermore, designing an indoor gym will motivate you to exercise more.

7. Prioritize Organization

Spa-inspired properties are supposed to offer a sense of calm to homeowners. However, if your home is filled with clutter (think kids’ toys on the floor), you’ll only feel unfocused and stressed.

To maintain the serenity of your spa-inspired home, tackle clutter head-first. Store away items out of sight using storage bins, wicker baskets, or even custom-built closets with the help of a Florida property management firm.

8. Optimize Your Home’s Humidity Levels

Optimize Your Home’s Humidity Levels

Take the steps to maintain your home’s humidity levels, so you and your family can feel your best. Inspect your doors, walls, windows, etc. for gaps that may be allowing air to get in or escape, and seal them immediately. Additionally, invest in proper insulation and keep your HVAC system well-maintained with the help of property management professionals.

These simple measures can help you achieve healthier indoor air. Moreover, maintaining the right humidity levels can maintain the condition of your home’s contents, shielding against problems like cracking and deterioration.

9. Invest in Landscaping

Make a lasting first impression with well-manicured lawns and lush landscaping. Coordinate with a property management company if you have maintenance concerns. They’ll tackle all of your landscaping tasks for you, ensuring your outdoor spaces exude the same level of spa-like luxury as your indoor spaces.

Top Markets for Luxury, Spa-Like Homes in Florida

If you want your home to feel as spa-like as possible, it would be best to choose a property in one of Florida’s upscale communities. That way, your home’s surroundings match the spa-like ambiance you’re trying to mimic. Here are some locations to consider when choosing a real estate investment with the assistance of a property management firm:

Palm Beach

Palm Beach

Palm Beach, a town that’s known for its opulence, is predominantly graced by luxury estates. Properties in this exclusive market often have their own lawns and private pools, with many boasting scenic views of the sea. While oceanfront condos are available, they tend to be lower-rise compared to those found in urban centers. According to, the median list price for Palm Beach properties stands at $2.8 million.

Miami Beach

Another glamorous getaway is Miami Beach, a coastal resort city that’s a stone’s throw away from mainland Miami. Many homes in Miami Beach boast a modern architectural style with well-manicured lawns, perfect for converting into a spa-inspired escape. data shows that Miami Beach homes have a median list price of $687.5K.


Surfside may be small, but it’s nowhere near lacking luxury. Sandwiched between Miami Beach and Bal Harbor, this town features many multi-family condominiums, as well as a peaceful beachfront. Because of its laid-back vibe, it’s the perfect setting for creating your spa-inspired paradise. Homes here have a median list price of $1.6M as of 2023.

Coral Cables

Coral Cables

This is perhaps one of the most beautiful places to live in Florida. Situated in Miami-Dade County, Coral Gables is a Mediterranean-themed city with vibrant culture and history. Various architectural styles grace the city, yet Spanish-style estates stand out in the real estate market. Homes here have a median list price of $1.7M.


Discover your ideal sanctuary for a spa-inspired lifestyle with the help of  Luxury Property Care’s experts. As your dedicated property management partner, we not only provide sound investment guidance but also guarantee that your home aligns with your design needs. We have an extensive network of vendors who can turn your vision of a spa-inspired home into a reality.

For more information, call (561) 944 – 2992 or complete our contact form today.

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