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Florida Boat and Vehicle Maintenance: Stay Safe on Road & Sea



Vehicle maintenance is important if you want to keep your auto investment looking and functioning its best. You use your car almost every day, whether you’re running errands or driving to work. Taking care of your vehicle is both a requirement and a privilege, but not everyone has the time or willingness to do the dirty work.

That’s where we can help. Luxury Property Care can manage your car or yacht with our wide range of vehicle maintenance services. From scheduled car maintenance to yacht detailing, we take the stress out of maintenance. Now there’s no excuse to put off vehicle servicing any longer.

We offer both car and boat servicing in Florida.

boat and vehicle maintenance service in Florida

Why You Need Boat & Vehicle Maintenance?

vehicle maintenance service in Florida
property management service in Florida

Ensures your safety

Servicing the vehicle can ensure your safety on road. By regularly taking care of your vehicle and checking its systems and functions, you’re preventing more serious issues from occurring. A well-maintained car or yacht takes away the risk of it malfunctioning while you’re on the road or in the sea.

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Keeps car performing well

Your car will be easier to drive if you keep up with regular maintenance. You’ll have better traction, stable steering, and a more reliable and fail-proof engine. You spent all of that money on a luxury vehicle — it would be a shame if it didn’t perform well on the road.

Don’t have the time for a vehicle maintenance appointment? That’s what we are for. Luxury Property Care manages your valuable property — including your vehicles. We offer a convenient, time-saving, and efficient solution to car and yacht owners in Florida.

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It saves you money

If you keep putting off routine maintenance, you might end up with a larger vehicle maintenance cost. It’s better to pay a little every few weeks to keep your vehicle healthy than spend a fortune on one problem. If your vehicle has a huge auto repair issue, it might take weeks until you can use your vehicle again. Not only is this extremely inconvenient, but it also takes away your valuable time.

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Maintains a high value

It’s always a good idea to maintain high vehicle value, just in case you plan to sell it in the future. If you sell a well-maintained car or yacht, more people will be interested in it. Who would want to buy a run-down vehicle?

Our Vehicle Maintenance Services in Florida

Whether you need routine car, boat or yacht maintenance or just the detailing, we’ve got you covered.

car maintenance service to improve performance

Car Maintenance

Whether you’re driving a Honda or a Toyota, you have to ensure that your car runs properly for years to come. It’s easy to ignore regular car maintenance amidst your hectic schedule. But without servicing car regularly, your car is at risk of serious issues, which can result in expensive repairs and auto parts.

Our car maintenance service includes keeping things running smoothly by checking brake systems, tire pressure and wear and tear, car batteries and cables, windshield wipers, coolants, chassis, automatic transmission, and so much more.

Boat Detailing

You don’t have to waste your time checking how your boat looks, or if there are barnacles under the surface. Our boat detailing service helps keep your boat in its perfect and pristine condition. Not only will it maintain the value, but it will also allow you to enjoy the boat the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

If your boat is looking a bit worn-down and rusty, give us a call, and we’ll bring the sparkle back. Our boat detailing service includes washing, stain and mold removal, compartment detailing, rust removal, and so much more. Boat detailing focuses on the exterior of your boat, so we’ll also be thoroughly waxing it to bring back its shine.

servicing your boat to improve lifetime
car detailing service in florida

Car Detailing

Our car detailing service can be split into three categories: custom detailing, interior detailing, and full car detailing.

Custom detailing includes regularly checking your car for signs of rust, paint deterioration, and other minor issues. This maintenance service is perfect for anyone who wants their vehicle to look brand-new every day.

Interior detailing is when our team of professional auto mechanics looks into the nooks and crannies of your car. You spend the majority of your time inside your car, so it would make sense to want it to look and feel as clean as possible. Our team will clean and shampoo your car seats and carpets, and if you have leather seats, use a special cleaning material to add to the suppleness.

Full detailing ensures that every part of your car looks its best. This is ideal for cars that haven’t received proper care in years. Our professional detailers will work on both the exterior and interior of the car, making it look as good as new.

Yacht Maintenance

Luxury Property Care offers customized yacht maintenance to give you peace of mind. Don’t let mechanical issues ruin your boat day. Allow our team of technicians to regularly inspect your boat to ensure that everything is properly maintained. We can spot potential problems before they arise.

All you have to do is leave the keys with us. During each inspection, our yacht maintenance service team will go through a checklist as they examine your vessel. Minor issues like a discharged battery are addressed immediately, but extensive issues are noted in our report. We will provide a quote for the major repairs, and wait for your go signal before working on anything.

Our yacht preventive maintenance checklist can be customized according to your needs. For instance, if you want us to focus on certain areas like the engine room, just let us know.

yacht maintenance service in florida

Make A Vehicle Maintenance Schedule With Us

Luxury Property Care is Florida’s leading property management company. We take care of your assets — including your boats and cars. We work with a team of automotive technicians to deliver quality service with every project.

We take vehicle servicing seriously because we care about your safety. With our team of qualified vehicle mechanics across Florida, your vehicle will be in expert hands. Whether you’re in Palm Beach, Brevard, Miami-Dade, or any surrounding area, you can book our vehicle maintenance services today.

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Corinne Barak
Corinne Barak
16:44 22 Mar 21
I would definitely recommend this company.They were very attentive and professional, very responsive and has the best customer more
David Tesone
David Tesone
13:55 16 Mar 21
Very professional and responsive team. I send them a quote request and they responded to me quick and professionally. Thank you!read more
Antawn Chiles
Antawn Chiles
19:18 15 Feb 21
Sivan is a real go getter. She gets things done. It was pleasure in working with her. She was well prepared and honest. I would highly recommend more
Roy Kamhi
Roy Kamhi
15:18 15 Jan 21
I had the pleasure of working closely with Mr. Liran Koren. His years of expertise are most definitely shown in his attention to details. Luxury Property Care is one of the top services around in the Property Management sector. Their professionalism and stellar customer service are the reason why I highly recommend them to any Investor.Roy KReal Estate Investorread more
Yaniv Levi
Yaniv Levi
02:02 14 Jan 21
I have had a great experience working with Sivan and Liran from luxury property care. They’re reliable, transparent and always available to answer my questions. I would recommend them to any landlord who is looking for a property management company. They really care about what they do. Thanks again for all your more
Elliot La-Mer
Elliot La-Mer
14:48 05 Jan 21
I found Luxury property care online while searching for a company to manage my multi-unit building in Fort Lauderdale after having bad experience working with other companies.I can now comfortably say that Luxury property care stand out from other companies. They are always available to answer any of my concerns and they were able to get my building to over 95% occupancy. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a reliable property management more
רן כהן
רן כהן
15:44 14 Oct 20
Luxury Property Care helped me remove a violation against my property and rent it out very quickly. I’m a foreign investor and I’m glad I found them to be my legs on the ground. great experience! thank youread more
randy abou
randy abou
14:29 13 Oct 20
Liran and Sivan helped me buy my first investment property and found me tenants at even a higher price than we listed it.  I then decided to manage my property with them and so far I’m very happy I did.  Thank you guys for all your hard workread more
קובי הר-פז
קובי הר-פז
08:45 19 Sep 20
The best property managers you’ll ever find!With luxury property care you can sleep tight and be confident that your assets are being manage in your best interest.Everything is being done on time. Accurate monthly and yearly reports – on time every time!They are always there for you! By phone and/or email. You’d always get a professional answer to any question big or small.For me the question about who are the best property management has an obvious answer!Luxury Property Care for sure! more
Latoya Jones
Latoya Jones
21:36 01 Sep 20
Whenever I have a maintenance issue, it’s handled fast. Staff is very courteous and responsive. Going on year 2 with this company and I don’t have one bad word to say. I will recommend them to anyone more
משה כהן
משה כהן
19:59 31 Aug 20
the best company.the profetiol peple I work with!
Eric Braunstein
Eric Braunstein
13:49 14 Aug 20
I am a Real Estate Attorney in South Florida and I have utilized the company’s services for many properties. The principals and employees are courteous and professional. I have received exemplary service every time I have used Luxury Property Care. I highly recommend them for property management and related more
Jason Davis P.A.
Jason Davis P.A.
13:22 14 Aug 20
This company brings you peace of mind. Great communication and responsive to all your management needs. I’m always confident referring clients. A+ establishment!read more
American Hong Kong Investment Corp
American Hong Kong Investment Corp
20:29 18 Jul 20
I’ve been very pleased working with Luxury property care to manage my investment properties In Miami and in Boca Raton for a few years now. They are trustworthy, persistent, and passionate. We were happy to find a someone we can trust. Sivan and Liran are always available on what’s app to take my questions and handle any issues. For example on of my tenants has a flood from the neighbors above on the middle of the night. I called them, and they answered and took care of it in the middle of the night! They found the management office which brought the custodian in the middle of the night to shut down the main water valve. And the next morning it was already fix. That is the type of care they give high more
Hilary Ostrega
Hilary Ostrega
16:53 09 Jul 20
I am absolutely thrilled with my referral to Luxury Property Care. Their management company handled a Landlord referral, which was very time sensitive. I was handling a litigation matter and my client needed management assistance with a problematic tenant, including oversight and inspection. They provided VIP service at a competitive rate and my client was thrilled with their assistance. My client was so thankful to work with Luxury Property Care. I highly more
stephanie azoulay
stephanie azoulay
00:07 07 Jul 20
I was looking for a property management in Florida to rent/manage my investment properties due to the Corona virus and travel restrictions i couldn’t do it myself. I’m glad I joined Luxury property care. Sivan and the team are super friendly, responsive and most importantly they do what they say!Thank you for a great experience so more
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