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Everyone wants their home to look tasteful. The problem is, making your home look high-end can be difficult — especially if you’re on a tight budget. Fortunately, however, there are simple tricks you can follow to make your home look more elegant without breaking the bank.

#1 Paint Your Walls a Neutral Color

Paint Your Walls a Neutral Color

Stick to neutral colors such as beige, gray, and white especially on the first level of your home. This makes the transition from one space to another as seamless as possible. Neutral colors create a blank slate, giving you the flexibility to get creative later on.

If your home follows a closed floor plan, be sure to paint adjacent rooms a similar shade. This creates an illusion of a unified space and makes your home feel more open. To ensure that you choose the right shade, refer to a paint strip and move two shades up or down from your “main” shade.

#2 Re-Style Your Bookshelf

Re-Style Your Bookshelf

Your bookshelf can be more than just a place where you store your books. One way to make your home look put together is by adding accents and accessories to your bookshelf. By placing vases, sculptures, and other artwork among your books, you can make your bookshelf feel less dull and monotonous.

As a rule of thumb, place small decor near the edge of the shelf. Frames can be leaned against the back of the shelf, but make sure that their prints stand out. This means that you shouldn’t use framed prints that don’t provide contrast.

If possible, color-coordinate your books for a cohesive look. If your book collection isn’t so extensive, you can stack your books to create an illusion of a “fuller” shelf.

#3 Decorate Your Entryway

Decorate Your Entryway

Not all homes have a foyer with a grand staircase and a chandelier — but that doesn’t mean you can’t impress your guests the moment they walk in. One of the easy ways to decorate your home is by sprucing up your entryway. No matter how limited the space may be, you can still make it feel luxurious and contemporary.

Start by hanging up a large painting. Keep in mind that the artwork you choose will determine how the rest of your entryway will be designed. If you’re going for abstract art, the rest of the pieces should be of a similar style, as well. You can also opt for a mirror if you want to make the space feel bigger.

Then, place a bench or console beneath the art and decorate it with accents such as flowers, trays, and the like. You can also add a bold rug to make the space feel more homely.

#4 Switch Up Your Throw Pillows

Switch Up Your Throw Pillows

The great thing about throw pillows or “decorative pillows” is that they can instantly transform a space depending on their color, shape, and print. Switching them up is also the easiest way to spruce up your space. Adding brightly colored throw pillows to a dull-looking sofa can instantly brighten up the room, making it feel fresh and new.

If you like switching up the decor of your home frequently, stick to standard-sized square pillows. This will make it easier for you or your property manager to find replacement throw pillow covers. Round and rectangular throw pillow covers are harder to come by.

On the other hand, if you’re planning on sticking to your aesthetic, consider layering or grouping throw pillows of different shapes and sizes. This will add depth to your sofa, turning it into the focal point of the room.

#5 Create an Accent Wall

Create an Accent Wall

Looking for a DIY home improvement project? Applying accent wallpaper to a wall in your living space can make a massive impact. An accent wall can draw your attention to the area that you would like to highlight. In other words, it acts as the centerpiece of the room. It may even make the room look bigger and feel more inviting.

If you have a bare wall in your room, you can make it stand out by applying accent wallpaper. To brighten up a space, choose light-colored wallpaper with metallic embellishments that reflect light. To make a space look more formal, choose dark-colored wallpaper with large geometric patterns.

#6 Invest in Window Treatments

Invest in Window Treatments

Window treatments are decorative coverings for your windows. Their primary function is to provide privacy while enhancing the overall aesthetics of the room. Window treatments come in several types including shutters, blinds, shades, and curtains, to name a few.

If your windows don’t have window treatments, they will look “naked” and unfinished. Fortunately, window treatments are affordable, depending on the material that you choose. Plastic blinds are the cheapest option but they can look flimsy. On the other hand, high-quality draperies can make any room look elegant, but they don’t always come cheap.

When choosing the type of window treatments for your home, keep in mind that quality window treatments can increase the value of your home. If you’re planning on selling your home soon, you may want to go for the option that can offer the highest returns.

#7 Strategically Arrange the Seats

Strategically Arrange the Seats

Create a seating area that invites conversation. The furniture in your living room, including the sofa, armchair, coffee table, etc., should be arranged in a manner that encourages your guests to interact.

When arranging the furniture, imagine a hotel lobby. Follow the U-shape or H-shape seating arrangement to create a conversion area where people don’t have to crane their necks to speak to others. If your living room is spacious, consider designing multiple seating areas.


There are several ways to spruce up your home without breaking the bank. By choosing the right colors, accents, and more, you can turn your humble home into an awe-inspiring abode.

When it comes to decorating your home, it’s important to plan ahead. Take the time to look for inspiration so that your home turns out looking exactly the way you wanted it. If you need a hand in designing your home, you might want to hire a property management company that has connections with the top interior designers in the state.

Luxury Property Care can help bring your decorating dreams to life. When you hire us, a dedicated property manager will handle every aspect of your home, including housekeeping, landscaping, decorating, and much more. We will take care of everything so that you don’t have to.

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