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As a homeowner, you will inevitably conduct property maintenance and improvements at some point. Both play a crucial role in preserving your property’s condition and value, whether you intend to occupy it yourself or rent it out. However, which should you prioritize: property maintenance or improvements?

In this article, we’ll dive into the difference between both, discussing when it makes sense to carry them out. In that way, you can make well-informed decisions that will ultimately benefit your real estate investment in the long term.

What Is Home Maintenance?

Home maintenance covers activities related to property repair and upkeep. It involves fixing up any part of the property as a result of wear and tear over time. In that way, you ensure that your property remains safe for use while preserving its condition and value.

Some common examples of maintenance are:

  • Repainting the walls due to faded paint
  • Repairing the roof
  • Trimming overgrown trees
  • Cleaning the gutters
  • Pressure-washing the driveways, walkways, etc.
  • Edging the lawn

For many luxury homeowners in Florida, entrusting these tasks to a company offering home maintenance services is a common practice.

What Are Home Upgrades?

With home improvements, you’re increasing the value of the property and making it better than it initially was. One way to tell if an activity can be considered a capital improvement is if your property can do without it. In other words, it’s a want, not a need. Your property can still function fine without them, but they can significantly boost its appeal, making them worthy of consideration.

Here are some examples of property improvements:

  • Adding a bedroom
  • Remodeling the bathroom
  • Constructing a deck
  • Replacing the roof (not due to damage, but to boost its visual appeal)
  • Repainting the walls (not because it has faded, but to make it more up-to-date)

Home Maintenance Is Typically More Important

Home Maintenance Is Typically More Important

If you have to choose between carrying out property maintenance or improvements, it’s often wiser to opt for the former. Here’s why:

It prevents costly repairs

Routine home maintenance enables you to spot and address minor concerns before they can escalate into costly repairs. For example, promptly fixing a small leak in the roof can prevent extensive structural issues.

It costs less than property improvements

Property improvements are expensive. The simple task of repainting your home’s exterior, for example, costs around $4,500 to $10,500. If you have budget constraints, it may be wiser to put property maintenance first. Cater to your home’s “needs” and then consider the “wants” only if your finances allow.

It ensures you and your family’s safety

It ensures you and your family’s safety

Home maintenance services ensure that your property remains safe for you and your family to live in. Property management companies will partner with trusted vendors to conduct various inspections, such as electrical checks, to rectify potential risks.

It extends your property’s lifespan

All of your property’s components, no matter how expensive, have a finite lifespan. Proper maintenance can prolong their lifespan, sparing you from constant (and not to mention costly) repairs and replacements.

It maintains your home’s value over time

A well-maintained home retains its value over time—and in some cases, may even appreciate. Neglecting your property, on the other hand, can lead to depreciation and reduced appeal. This can have a massive impact on your property’s marketability if you decide to sell it in the future. Remember, no one wants to buy a home that may have underlying issues!

It’s essential to you and your family’s comfort

It’s essential to you and your family’s comfort

A properly maintained home contributes to you and your family’s comfort. By addressing concerns such as mold, pests, poor indoor ventilation, and more, you can continue living in your home without the risk of health issues.

When To Carry Out Home Upgrades

While property maintenance is usually more important, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spruce up your home. It may make sense to carry out property improvements in certain situations, such as:

If you’re planning on selling your property

This is a common reason why homeowners improve their properties. Sprucing up your home can increase its value while making it more appealing to potential buyers. However, be sure to carefully choose which improvements provide a favorable return on investment (ROI). Not all renovations will cause your property to appreciate, such as the addition of a pool (most homeowners don’t want to deal with its upkeep).

If you plan to convert it into a rental property

When transitioning your property into a rental, you may want to carry out upgrades that enhance its rental appeal. Tenants can’t resist certain amenities, making your property stand out from the competition.

If upgrades can lead to energy efficiency and cost savings

Not all property improvements are for aesthetic purposes. They may be financially beneficial, such as the addition of eco-friendly HVAC systems, smart thermostats, and more. Not only do they reduce your utility bills, but they also lower your carbon footprint.

If upgrades can enhance your living experience

If upgrades can lead to energy efficiency and cost savings

Improving your living experience is a valid reason for investing in property improvements. This is particularly true if you don’t plan on moving any time soon. Certain enhancements can make your home more comfortable and functional, contributing to your long-term satisfaction with it. For example, you may opt to add a room if you’re expecting a new family member in the near future. Or, you may build a fence around your property for more privacy.

Find Home Maintenance Services in Florida

While property maintenance is often more important, improvements have their place in enhancing value, functionality, and your overall living experience. The key is to strike a balance between catering to maintenance needs and pursuing improvements that align with your long-term goals.

Whichever you choose to put first, you can always count on Luxury Property Care for help. Our experienced team, together with our network of vetted vendors, can carry out various services that are tailored to your needs. And if you’re undecided, we’ll help you understand the difference between the two, allowing you to make well-founded decisions about your asset.

Call us at (561) 944 – 2992 or complete our contact form for more information. We’d love to walk you through our property improvement and home maintenance services in more detail.

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