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Do you often find yourself wishing your house was done differently? Maybe there could’ve been more bedrooms, or maybe it could’ve had an open floor plan instead. You know you want to change things, but you also don’t know if it’s worth it. After all, remodeling can be a costly headache — American households usually spend around $47,000 on a home remodel.

Whatever your reasons, there’s no doubt that home improvements investment offer can increase the value of your property. In this article, you’ll find eight signs that indicate it’s the right time to upgrade your home:

#1 Your Home Has Signs of Age

Over time, your home will show clear signs of age, and eventually, you’ll have to remodel it to counteract the deterioration. Structural issues shouldn’t be ignored, as they can only get worse and cause problems down the road. For instance, if your single-family home has rotting floorboards, neglecting it could cause mold, and in turn, it could trigger respiratory issues. Besides, it would be better to address structural issues while they aren’t that serious.

#2 You’ve Outgrown Your Home

You’ve Outgrown Your Home

Whether you’re welcoming a new family member, or your needs are no longer the same as they were years ago, it’s natural for you to feel that you’ve outgrown your home. A remodel is a great way to change your home so that it suits your current situation. By knocking down the walls, you can make the layout look bigger. If your elderly relatives are moving in, you can add a bedroom on the first floor. Or, if you’ve invested in real estate, you can “cut” one room and use half as a luxury home property management office.

#3 You’re Not Going Anywhere For a Long Time

It wouldn’t make sense to remodel your home if you’re thinking of selling it in two to three years. That isn’t enough time to recoup the costs and to enjoy the outcome of the remodeling project. Keep in mind that undertaking a remodel means spending a substantial amount of money, so make sure you get back your investment when you sell down the road. If your goal is to increase the value of your property and to sell it as soon as possible, opt for renovations that have a high return on investment (ROI), such as repainting, replacing the tiles, and so on.

#4 Your Home Appears Outdated

Your Home Appears Outdated

Do the tiles in your kitchen look like they’re from the 1970s? Does your living room look like it was plucked out of Full House? Does your living room look like a cave because of the dark-colored walls? If your home feels outdated, then it’s time for a remodel.

Looking for ways to make an old home look new? These’ll do the trick:

  • Replace the carpets
  • Repaint the walls (choose an up-to-date color palette)
  • Replace the doors (say goodbye to door with large windows)
  • Tear down the walls to create a spacious layout
  • Renew the flooring
  • Add crown molding

#5 You Can’t Function in the House

Your house shouldn’t add to your daily frustrations. If you’re constantly hitting your head on the doorframe, or if you’re finding it hard to cook on your kitchen’s tiny counters, a remodel can ensure that your home fits your lifestyle. After all, if you can’t properly function in your home, there’s no point in staying there.

Keep in mind that your home shouldn’t make life difficult. Walk through your home and think of your regular pain points, like kitchen tiles that are too slippery, or a closet that’s too small. Consider applying an anti-slip treatment or using non-slip rugs or mats to improve traction and reduce the risk of accidents and use tricks to maximize your closet space to make the most of it.

Figure out what’s “wrong” with your home, if needed hire an architect or luxury estate management company to help you redesign it.

#6 You Need More Storage

You Need More Storage

A house can be cluttered at times, but that shouldn’t be the constant case. If you’re feeling claustrophobic because of your belongings, that’s probably because don’t have enough storage space. As the years go by, you’ll gradually gather more belongings than you initially imagined.

Add more storage space by building built-in closets, a storage shed, and so on. Feel free to add a “custom touch” to your house’s storage solutions. You can also add storage to areas that you regularly use, such as in the laundry room and garage. To ensure that your storage spaces stay organized, hire a florida house cleaning and organizing service.

#7 You’re Not Using All of the Rooms

Is there a guest bedroom that hasn’t been used in ages? Or perhaps your dining room is so large that it can fit up to forty people? If your property has plenty of unused space, think of ways to make it more practical. You could, for instance, tear down the wall between two rooms to create a spacious master suite. You could also tear down the wall that separates the kitchen from the dining room to make it “entertaining-friendly”.

#8 You Don’t Mind the Disruption

Home remodeling can be time-consuming, costly, and chaotic. Even if you can afford it, you should consider if you can handle the disruption. Depending on how extensive the remodel is, expect to spend months in a construction site. With that said, understand that you won’t have your usual conveniences. If you’re remodeling your bathroom, for instance, you probably won’t be able to use it for days. If you’re remodeling your kitchen, where will you cook? If you can’t deal with the disruption, consider renting a single-family home for the time being.

When Shouldn’t You Remodel?

When Shouldn’t You Remodel?

If your property is in a mid-priced neighborhood, remodeling is probably not the best idea. It’ll be unlikely for homebuyers to pay a sky-high price for a property in your market. However, if you live in a high-end neighborhood, you can still recoup your costs when it’s time to sell it. Consult an investment advisor service, to be sure you don’t spend thoughtlessly.


Going through with the home remodel? Hire a property management company to help you manage your project. At Luxury Property Care, we provide property owners with a wide range of services, such as our contractor waiting services, so they don’t have to go through the trouble themselves. With our network of vendors, we can make sure to hire only the best people in the business, such as architects, contractors, electricians, and so on.

Call us at (561) 944 – 2992 or fill out our contact form to learn more.

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