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Are you wondering why your South Florida house isn’t selling? Chances are, you aren’t taking advantage of all the psychological tricks in the book. While understanding what buyers want is important, remember that emotion comes into play when people purchase a house, as well. Even if your investment property is in an envy-worthy location, people won’t purchase it if you can’t convince them to live there. That’s because buyers end up buying a home not only because they need to, but because they want to.

So, before you lower your selling price for the sake of attracting buyers, keep these psychological tricks in mind to sell your home in no time:

#1 Keep the Lawn Well-Manicured

What will your potential buyers see when they pull up to your house for the first time? The answer: the front lawn. If your lawn isn’t well-maintained, your potential buyer will carry that thought throughout the entire tour. Even if the rest of your house is pristine, that will be overshadowed by what they saw outdoors. This is because your buyers will think that you aren’t taking upkeep that seriously, and that the rest of the property likely is in the same condition, too.

Since lawn maintenance can be a pain, consider investing in a property management company that offers lawn care services.

#2 Consider the Curb Appeal

Consider the Curb Appeal

Homebuyers can be judgmental, and that judgment starts the moment they see the house from the corner of the street. It’s like the first impression you make when you meet people. Take the time to stand outside your house and ask yourself, “If you were the buyer, would you buy it?” If your answer is no, ask yourself why you wouldn’t buy it. Is it because the lawn isn’t well-maintained? Is it because the house is painted in a color that’s too bold? You could also solicit your friends’ honest opinion on your house’s appearance.

If you aren’t sure where to start, consult a property management company that knows the local market well. They can pinpoint the areas that need to be addressed to help sell your house.

#3 Use Scents to Trigger Good Memories

The faintest scent of something can trigger someone’s memories. Take advantage of this psychological trick by investing in scents that can trigger good emotions. Vanilla, for instance, feels warm and inviting and can help visitors feel at home. However, things can go wrong if you use way too much of it. To be safe, stick to “simple” scents like citrus that won’t overload your visitors’ senses. You could also go with lemon since it’s been shown to lower stress.

And remember when we said that the appearance of a well-manicured lawn can help sell your house? The same goes for the smell of freshly cut grass. Pair a newly mowed lawn with this scent and you’ll have buyers falling in love with your South Florida house in no time.

#4 Declutter the Interior

An empty home can help you sell your home. First, an empty home feels roomier than it actually is, and second, it can help your prospects envision their lives in the house. Your potential homebuyers will start planning where they’ll put their tables, chairs, etc. to see if their current furniture will fit.

So, when getting ready for your showing, put away your things. If you can’t remove everything, get rid of large furniture and move them into a storage unit.

#5 Decorate Neutrally

Decorate Neutrally

Another psychological trick to selling a house is to make it look neutral. Keep in mind that not everyone has the same interior design taste, so make sure to remove decor that’s too stylish. Although interior design can be changed, your potential buyers won’t be able to see past what it currently looks like. For instance, if your house is filled with furniture and decor that are too contemporary, hide them during the tour. That way, you can attract a wider pool of potential homebuyers.

#6 Clean the House

Buyers want a house that they can move into now. They do not want to move into a house that looks like a lot of work. Besides, a dirty house shows that it isn’t well-maintained, which indicates that there are probably more problems that the seller isn’t being transparent about.

Consider hiring a South Florida property management company that offers house cleaning services to freshen up your house. They can clean your house without going overboard because too much can actually make your house smell like a clinic. Also, consider investing in a bathroom renovation since the condition of the bathroom is one of the common deciding factors.

#7 Solve the Buyer’s Problems

Find out why they’re searching for a new house in the first place. Maybe they want to buy a house because their current house is too small now that their children are grown up, or maybe it’s because they need more room to entertain. Whatever it is, try to solve their problems by focusing on what your property can offer that their current property can’t.

For instance, if your prospect tells you that their kitchen’s layout isn’t working for them, hype up how your kitchen looks like. This is where the help of a property management company can come in handy – during showings, you’ll need to be social to get buyers on board. If this isn’t your forte, you can benefit from hiring a South Florida property management firm.

#8 Consider the Psychology of Color

Consider the Psychology of Color

Finally, the last trick to selling your house is to take advantage of the psychology of colors to design your happy home. According to a survey by Zillow, bathrooms that are painted pale blue can sell for $4,700 more than those painted in other colors. Meanwhile, homes with brown walls sold for lessAs for the exterior, homes painted in yellow sold for more than expected.

These are only a few examples of the colors to use to your advantage and to avoid. If you want to make sure that you don’t pick the wrong color, work with a property management company that has partnerships with the top interior designers in the industry.


Need more tips to sell your home in no time? If you’re in the South Florida area, get in touch with the expert property managers at Luxury Property Care. Our real estate managers will guide you throughout the entire process, from preparing your property to closing. Plus, we have access to multiple listing platforms where we can advertise your property to a wider pool of people.

Call us today at (561) 944 – 2992 or contact us online for more information.



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