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Your luxury home is one of the most expensive investments you’ll ever make, so you must take care of it to the best of your ability. In this post, we’ve compiled a few of our expert tips so you can maintain its condition, preserve its interior and exterior components, and keep it looking great for a long, long time.

#1 Hire a Property Maintenance Company

Most high-end homes are owned by clients with busy lives. If you’re in a similar situation, it would be wise to invest in a yearly maintenance contract with a reputable company. At Luxury Property Care, for example, we work with skilled contractors who will make sure every part of your home is clean and well-maintained. From gardening to making sure your home is free from water damage, our property managers follow a comprehensive checklist to make sure your home’s condition is preserved.

Maintaining a contract with us will enable us to be familiar with your home’s specifics – such as what model your bathtub is, and what materials your floors are made of. In this way, we can get rid of the guesswork and provide you with the correct answers. Furthermore, our team of luxury property management professionals has a wealth of experience overlooking high-end homes. This means we’re familiar with common issues in luxury homes and can predict maintenance concerns in your own home.

#2 Purchase Homeowner’s Insurance

A luxury property is expensive, to say the least, so it’s extremely important to make sure your investment is protected. While maintenance goes a long way, there’s one thing you can’t control: accidents. In case of a fire, flood (which is very likely to occur in Florida), theft, and other perils, you will want to have insurance so your property is covered, otherwise, you could lose what you worked so hard for.

When you buy homeowner’s insurance, you will have a safety blanket in case the worst occurs. Do note, however, that standard homeowner’s insurance policies only protect your property up to a certain amount. It will cost so much more to replace your home, so you will need policies that cover properties worth $1 million and up.

#3 Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

What do the high-end homes featured on sites such as Architectural Digest have in common? The answer: they are all clutter-free.

Making sure your home is spotless is one of the most crucial maintenance tasks you have as a high-end homeowner. Remember that for residences of a certain caliber, less is more. So set aside a few minutes every week to get rid of items you no longer want or need. However, it’s best to tidy up as you go–in other words, if you see something out of place, put it back where it belongs. If you wait for the clutter to pile up, this task can feel overwhelming.

This isn’t to say that your home should be totally bare–you can have clutter, but only if it’s organized clutter. Here are nine easy ways to organize your home if you want to declutter it yourself.

At Luxury Property Care, we provide whole-home organizing services so you don’t have to use up your precious time on this chore. All you need to do is identify which areas of your home need a purge–don’t worry, we won’t throw away things without your go signal.

#4 Stay on Top of Repairs

One of the most common mistakes made by high-end homeowners is delaying repairs. In any upscale property, it’s important to address issues immediately–particularly those that can escalate or increase your bills. For example, a leak in the bathroom may seem like a minor problem, but it can increase your bills, and cause water damage (which will cost you thousands of dollars).

Furthermore, most luxury properties have fixtures that need more attention, such as elevators that need to be serviced yearly, and HVACs that must be maintained to make sure they perform optimally. HVACs play a critical role in your home’s comfort, so don’t forget to get it checked so it lasts for a long time. At the first sign of any issue, call a contractor or your luxury property management company so they can conduct the necessary repairs or replacements.

#5 Follow the Latest Design Trends

Remember, buying a luxury home doesn’t mean it will be a luxury home forever–you will need to consistently modify it to maintain its value. To maintain your luxury home’s status, you must stay on top of modern design trends, and be always aware of what’s fashionable and what’s now out-of-date.

One of the ways to do this is by installing smart home technologies, such as smart thermostats, smart lights, and smart locks–all of which can be controlled by your smartphone. Interior design trends are constantly evolving, so if you want your home to stay stylish, consult a professional to give it a facelift. A luxury home with a layout that’s from the 90s won’t look like a luxury home–in the 21st century, open-plan layouts are the most à la mode. For more luxurious design trends check out our blog post that illustrates easy and simple ways to make your home like a luxury hotel.

#6 Use Only High-Quality Decor and Furniture

Use Only High-Quality Decor and Furniture

In the same way, adorning a high-end home with items that aren’t high-end would create an odd juxtaposition. Your luxury home must be beautified with items of the same caliber, such as floors made of luxurious materials, well-made furniture, one-of-a-kind art, and other accents. Not only will your home be more luxurious, but you can be confident knowing that your items will last a long time. In addition, certain items can increase in value over time (such as rare art pieces), making them good investments.

#7 Maintain Your Landscaping

The exterior of your luxury home matters, too. To boost your property’s curb appeal (and in turn, increase its value), you must invest in landscape maintenance, which calls for lawn mowing (don’t forget those edges!), watering, tree trimming, and gardening. While most luxury properties have plain, well-manicured lawns, you could also add flowers to give your home more character. This, of course, depends on your property’s architecture–modern homes look best when they’re surrounded by a bare landscape, while classic, courtyard-style homes can be enhanced with lush foliage. Regardless of your home’s design, a luxury property management company can help you decide which type of landscaping highlights its features the best.

Hire a Luxury Property Management Company to Maintain Your High-End Home

If you ever need a helping hand, you can count on the team at Luxury Property Care. We’ve been in the business of maintaining high-end homes since 2008 and can provide you with the same, superior standards of care that all our high-net-worth clients receive. We can even craft a property management plan tailored to your property’s unique needs. Call us today at (561) 944 – 2992 to give your high-end home the attention it requires.

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