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Owning a property takes a lot of responsibility. One of your main tasks, whether you are the owner, a property manager, or a landlord, is to keep the apartment in its best condition as much as possible.

With all the various tasks you need to handle, how can you improve and keep up with the maintenance cycle of your apartment property?

No worries, as we got you covered. Here are some tips on how you can have a better job in handling property maintenance.

Create a maintenance checklist

To avoid forgetting the necessary maintenance procedure you need to do, creating a maintenance checklist for your primary residence. The list depends on several factors and is personalized according to the property’s current condition or your tenants’ demands and requests.

If you find yourself lost on where to start creating a maintenance checklist, here are essential maintenance procedures, which you may further expand according to the needs of your property.

Review lease agreement

Property managers or landlords, and leasing companies may only have specific responsibilities or tasks to work on. Thus, you may want to review the lease agreement first to determine which maintenance tasks or upkeeps you should include on your list. That way, you can only focus on essential things and save time doing other tasks.

You may want to check if you are responsible for arranging trash removal, cleaning the dryer vent, maintaining specific furniture or appliances, mowing the lawn, replacing air filters or light bulbs, or removing waste in the yard.

Regardless of the type of maintenance, you need to work on, coordinate with a property maintenance team, the owner, and even the tenants about any damages.

Clean or repaint walls

Clean or repaint walls

A clean, well-painted unit adds more beauty and value to the property. You can check the walls of the entire apartment and see which areas may need repainting or touch-ups.

Check the porches and decks

The porches and decks are often neglected since they are outside. If you have one, you should also conduct regular inspections on these areas of the apartment unit, as they are more prone to wear and tear. Being exposed to the changing weather can ruin their build and cause cracks, resulting in some accidents.

Repair broken doors and windows

You often use doors and windows, so they typically break more often. Usually, the issues are on their hinges or the knobs, so you may want to replace them. It is essential to attend to these matters right away since doors and windows do not just add security to the tenants living in the apartment but can also provide them protection from the weather outside.

Deep clean floors and carpets

Deep clean floors and carpets

Floors and carpets are more prone to dirt. When left unclean for a long time, dirt buildup is something you should not neglect as it can even cause health conditions to the tenants. It is essential to schedule deep cleaning treatment to the floors, carpets, and other highly-traffic areas of the unit to ensure that everything’s clean and well-sanitized.

Conduct garbage disposal maintenance

A poor garbage disposal can also affect the overall condition of the property. Thus, you should have a specific trash removal and waste management schedule and require your tenants to cooperate. This way, you can prevent the property from unpleasant odors and dirty surroundings.

Pay attention to ovens and refrigerators

You may have many other appliances in the apartment that you should prioritize maintaining. Still, you should pay more attention to ovens and refrigerators since they are used for food preparation and storage. Ensure they are always working well and also clean to help your tenants produce fresh meals to eat.

Clean and disinfect cabinets and counters

The kitchen cabinets, counters, and countertops are also exposed to different dirt and bacteria. Thus, cleaning and disinfecting these apartment areas should not be removed from your maintenance list.

Standardize maintenance tasks

Improving your apartment’s maintenance cycle depends on the budget you can commit to for the upkeep. Maintenance services for investment properties are already expensive. You may not be able to afford it yet, especially if you are just starting your investment. But to have a good value for your money, standardizing maintenance tasks can help you save a lot.

Since you have a maintenance checklist, you can also include maintenance materials needed for the cleaning or repair.

For example, you schedule painting the walls to prepare the apartment for a new tenant. To make the most of the expenses needed for the paints, you can also use them for other parts of your property. Or, if you want to remove air filters in the apartment, you can also work on removing and replacing water filters to save time and energy.

Grouping the tasks is totally up to you and the current damages in the apartment. You can also depend on your tenants’ requests. That way, you can refrain from spending too often and putting all your time and attention on property maintenance alone.

Always check the heating system

Always check the heating system

It does not matter, even if the weather is too hot or the winter is already approaching. Tenants just want easy access to warm water to pamper themselves and for many other personal purposes.

To improve your apartment unit’s maintenance cycle, check the heating system and ensure it works correctly. You can save much from energy expenditures over time if you have a well-maintained heating system. It will also keep you from buying a new one every time you have a new tenant.

Do not forget the exterior

Most of the time, interior repairs and projects often dominate your maintenance checklist. But you should not also forget to pay attention to the exterior. It is what prospective renters often see and plays an essential deciding factor in whether they will choose to live in your apartment or not.

You should always schedule yard work, such as trimming, pruning, and other maintenance activities for the plants or landscape surrounding your property. It also keeps these areas from any pest infestations.

Prioritize preventive maintenance all year round

Above all, preventive maintenance on every part of your apartment is a must. It will help you save time and money and increase your property’s value.

Prevention is better than cure, as it keeps you from spending more on extensive repairs since everything’s working fine on your property.

Need Help with Home Management Services?

Luxury Property Care can ease your burden if you need help with home management services, such as an apartment maintenance cycle. We specialize in full-service property management and investment concierge to help you generate more income from your property investment.

For further inquiries and concerns, you may contact us at (561) 944-2992 or fill out the contact form for us to know how we can assist you.

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