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Who is Liran Koren and what can his team do for me?

I’m not a motivational speaker nor some has-been investor selling the secrets that worked once upon a time.

I’m a South Florida based computer geek turned high-volume, ultra-active real estate investor. By mastering the unsexy grunt work of data mining that everyone finds so boring, I turned $39,000 in savings into a $50 million portfolio in nine years. And I can help you do the same… Or better.

Connections, capital, luck or skill having nothing to do with it. Lasting and sustainable success in this business is all about data. With the right software in place to create a “God’s eye view” of every possible off-market lead in your territory before anyone else, and a professional sales system to exploit those leads, you’ll be unstoppable in any market.

I’m an author of the best selling book «The Ultimate Step By Step Guide To Finding & Investing In Off-Market Real Estate: How I Turned $39,000 Into $50 Million In Nine Years By Finding And Unlocking Hidden Equity Before Anyone Else»

№5 in Real Estate Investments (Kindle Store)
№3 in Big Data Businesses 
№32 in Real Estate Investments (Books)

What Do We Offer And Exactly How Do We Add Value?

Professional Investment Plan

We don’t just provide you with a list of any old discounted properties to buy. We’ll first work together to craft your niche and target those properties that are the best fit for your skill level, available resources, risk tolerance and long term investment goals.

Ultra-Hot Lead Generation

Here’s where we apply our secret sauce and put our custom-built web scrapers to work. We scan thousands of courthouse, public records, property appraisers and tax assessor websites throughout most of the US to find properties fitting your investment profile. With our system, we find every lead before any public notice has been filed, which ensures we’re the first cash investor to reach out to them.

Deep Dive Pre-Contact Research

A property address and owner name does not a quality lead make. That’s only the first step. Our research team will perform a summary title search on the property and skip trace the owner’s contact information. This allows us to reach out to the owner across multiple contact channels (phone, mail, email and relatives), and have a tight estimate of how much equity is available in the deal before even talking to the distressed homeowner.

Qualifying and Staging Sellers

Our equity hunters will conduct the initial outreach on these leads to verify that the properties are off-market, in decent condition and the owner is willing and able to sell within your price range. This is the most expensive and time consuming part of the process that trips up other investors, but we’ve refined this into a polished art form over the years.

Securing the Deal

We didn’t do all this work to now just spam “let us buy your house” offers. Securing the property at the right price is a multi-step dance that requires patience and finesse. Our in-house sales team has mastered the art of guiding prospects through the sales funnel and softening their resistance in stages, all while building trust and rapport with the seller.

Pre-Closing Due Diligence

Whether a traditional purchase agreement, taking title through a Quit Claim Deed or performing a lease-back arrangement, we’ll handle all the due diligence details so you can rest easy. This goes way beyond traditional broker duties, and includes all inspections, title clearance and legal maneuvering required to structure a safe and lucrative deal for you to sign.


Daniel Arvatz

Real Estate Developer and Auction Buyer

“I’ve been in real estate since 2001, but when I saw his system I flew my whole team in to meet him… just to learn how he perfected the system.”

Eric J. Braunstein

Real Estate Title Attorney

“Over the course of 8 years, I’ve personally done over 1,000 flips or other closings with Liran and I have not seen an instance of him taking any big hits, at all. Kind of amazing, if you think about it.”

Ilan Eliyahu

Owner of Comp R US

“I was blown away by the technology and the simplicity. Before, it took me months to find just one good investment property… now I’m finding leads and closing almost every month.”

Yoni Levy

Owner of Digital Land TV

“He was always available for any question and really showed how the big investors work.”

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