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So with our help or on your own you’ve found the perfect investment property… but now comes the hard part. Let us keep your success going and turn your property into the ultimate passive income opportunity.

Luxury Property Care will handle the multi-channel marketing, showings and in-depth screening to find you the highest paying and most reliable tenants. Then you can quit wasting your time with endless maintenance, payment collections and paperwork and let our team free you up to enjoy your investment.



Smart Staging & Rehab

Our specially trained in-house agents are renowned throughout Florida for transforming any property into the most desirable listing in the neighborhood, and doing so at the lowest costs possible. For any renovations needed, we yield our clout to negotiate the fastest and most cost-effective improvements that are guaranteed to add value to your investment.

Quality Renter Retention

By engaging with our tenants on a regular basis face to face and addressing their concerns before they become problems, we build rapport and trust with them. This makes it much easier to retain quality renters, even when raising rental rates. We never charge lease renewal fees.


We aggressively advertise your rental property across more than 300 websites and other partner organizations. This ensures not just full occupancy, but also top dollar rents or maximum selling price since we generate competition for your property.

Move Outs

When the tenant moves on, we organize everything well before hand to ensure a seamless transition between occupants. Remember, we charge ZERO fees if the property is unoccupied, so we will minimize investing “down time” as much as humanly possible.


We live by the motto that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That’s why we go beyond background checks and research each prospective tenant through a ten-step process. This drastically limits defaults and evictions, while making sure your property is occupied by people that will treat it as their home.

Visual Reporting

We employ the industry leading AppFolio real estate account software, which grants you instant online access to the detailed accounting, activity and maintenance reports. You can monitor and audit everything in real time.


All rents are collected online and available for your disbursement immediately. We enforce the rent collections cycle with a strict yet proactive policy that avoids late payments while making tenants feel respected and valuable, thus retaining the highest quality renters.

24/7 Emergency Maintenance

Our in-house maintenance division responds quickly to each property’s emergency, handling repair requests with cost-effective craftsmanship. Our long-established relationships with local contractors also guarantees you will save thousands of dollars on larger rehab and renovation projects.


Our team handles all the details of lease compliance and making sure the rental unit is market-ready at all times, by investing in only the most cost-effective renovations that our team of experienced agents know local renters and buyers are looking for.

Legal & Administrative Services

Our in-house attorneys and compliance staff provide a vast range of backend admin support that will save you many hours of work and a small fortune in fees. This includes most common real estate legal services, from notarization’s to filing LLC annual reports. Let us know of any special requirements you have at any time and we’ll provide you a solution.


A true partnership requires complete transparency.
Monthly Management Fee 10% for accounts with fewer than 8 properties

8% for accounts with 8 or more properties

Contact us to receive a custom quote for High Value Residential, Commercial and Association property management.

Vacant Property Fee No charge for each day the property is vacant. For example, if your property is vacant for 15 days in a 30-day month, the monthly management fee is reduced by 50%.
Quarterly Inspections Included
New Tenant Placement One-month’s rent for the first high-paying tenant we move into your property.

Maximum of one tenant charge per year. So for example, if we provide you two separate renters for a property within one year, you would only be charged for the first acquisition.

If outside brokers are involved, we split the commission with them at no additional charge for you.

Lease Renewals – NO charge.

Evictions First 6 months guaranteed payment. If the tenant defaults within the first 6 months of a lease, we will cover the eviction filing fee and find you a new tenant at no charge.

After 6 months, uncontested evictions cost $350 to file versus the average filing fee of $450. Another benefit of having in-house legal representation.

Preventative Maintenance, Routine Upkeep and Renovations We will provide you a range of ultra-competitive quotes from our network of selected contractors and vendors that we have an ongoing relationship with.

Who to hire and how much to spend are always under your control.

We will provide you our best recommendations and handle all the details of scheduling, managing and inspecting the services rendered by 3rd parties.

One-Time Set Up Fees (These can be waived in certain cases): New Account Set Up:

$250.00 for new property owners.

One-time setup fee for each property in the portfolio:

$50.00 if currently vacant

$175.00 if currently occupied by a tenant.

Legal Services: All written notifications, notarized documents and similar routine legal services are included.

For in-depth legal representation, such as evictions, we will provide you a range of discounted quotes from our partner attorneys.

Brokerage Services Standard negotiable rates apply, but we do not engage in so-called “double dipping.” We won’t charge you monthly property management fees if we’re also listing your property for sale.
Detailed Monthly Email Statements Included
Monthly Owner ACH Payments Included
Online Rent Collection Included
24/7 Emergency Response Included
Online Portal For Owners/Tenants Included
Secure Showings 9am-9pm Included
Full Spectrum 24/7 Tenant Management Included
Year End Performance Summary Documents W/1099 Included
Annual LLC Report Filings Included
Escrow Services Included
Foreign Investor Services Included: Maintain US address and federal/state reporting documents

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