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Many apartments and rental units in metropolitan areas such as Miami and Fort Lauderdale offer million-dollar views, world-class amenities, and much more. But there’s one thing that many apartments don’t have: enough closet space.

If you’re renting an apartment with a teeny-tiny closet, don’t be discouraged. There are plenty of ways to maximize your space, making it cleaner and organized that even Marie Kondo would be proud of you! With a few clever tricks, you might find that your closet is just the right size.

Tips to Maximize Your Closet Space

Check out the below practical tips to organize and optimize your wardrobe efficiently. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a more spacious and functional closet!

#1 Toss clothes that you don’t wear

Toss clothes that you don’t wear

When was the last time you wore that sweater? The rule of thumb is to toss pieces that you have not worn in over a year because chances are, you will never probably wear them. Take an afternoon to go through your entire closet and separate the clothes that you don’t wear from the ones that you consider your “staple” pieces.

If you have seasonal clothes, such as coats for winter and beachwear for summer, store them elsewhere and swap out your wardrobe as needed. It helps to buy clear, airtight storage containers that prevent dust, dirt, and mold from accumulating inside.

#2 Double your closet’s hanging space

Double your closet’s hanging space

Most closets come with only one hanging space which isn’t exactly the most functional design. Clothes rarely require that much vertical space. What usually happens is that you end up with a lot of unused space at the bottom of the closet — what a waste!

When you have such a tiny closet, utilizing every inch is an absolute must-do. If your closet has a single hanging rod, consider moving it up and installing a second rod underneath it. This allows you to utilize the space much more efficiently.

#3 Remove the clutter

Remove the clutter

The reason why your closet always looks so full is that it holds more than just clothes. Get rid of bulky items such as plastic coverings that take up twice the space. You might think that they protect your freshly dry-cleaned clothes, but the truth is that they trap chemicals and moisture with your clothing. The result? Yellow stains all over your favorite shirt, blouse, etc.

Similarly, opt for thin hangers that use less space. The great thing about hangers is that they do more than just keep your clothes in place — they can also be used with all kinds of items such as ties, scarves, and handbags.

Engaging professional house organizing and cleaning services can significantly enhance your closet organization efforts. These experts are trained to declutter spaces efficiently, helping you clear out bulky items like plastic coverings that take up unnecessary space. They can also assist in selecting the right storage solutions, such as thin hangers, which not only save space but also help maintain the condition of your clothes.

#4 Use the floor

Use the floor

If you hang most of your clothes, the bottom of the closet can become a neglected space. The best way to maximize the space would be to install a pre-made rack or cubby where you can store the shoes that you don’t wear too often. You can also take the do-it-yourself route or take property maintenance services to build small shelves at the bottom of the wardrobe.

Clothes, shoes, and accessories that you rarely wear or only wear during certain seasons can be kept above your closet or underneath your bed. Consider buying an under-bed storage container with wheels so that you can easily grab what you need.

#5 Add LED lights

Add LED lights

Your closet doesn’t have to look so grim! Illuminating your closet will add more depth to it, making it look a lot more spacious. With the permission of your landlord or property manager, drill motion-sensor lights into the top of your closet. If you’re not allowed to do that, you can opt for wireless LED lights that stick onto any type of surface. Consider getting lights that have a dimmer feature so that you can increase or decrease the brightness at certain times during the day.

#6 Hang a mirror in there

Hang a mirror in there

Mirrors are magic when it comes to making any space look bigger. To give your closet the illusion of being more spacious, consider hanging a full-length mirror on the inside of the door. This will make your closet look like it extends beyond its actual dimensions.

If your closet is inside a tiny room, adding mirrors to the outer side of its doors will make the room look significantly bigger. The best part? You don’t have to waste more space by creating a separate dresser. You can get dressed, get your hair done, etc. all in one place.

#7 Paint the closet a lighter color

Paint the closet a lighter color

A light-colored closet, such as white, light gray, or pale pink, can make the closet look brighter and cleaner. When choosing the paint, opt for one that has a glossy finish. Over time, your closet will show some signs of wear and tear from clothes hangers, shoes, etc. Glossy paint is less likely to show scratches, dents, and so on.

Be sure to check with your landlord’s property management company if you’re allowed to paint your closets! If you aren’t, you can use a peel-and-stick type of wallpaper. This way, you can freshen up the look without having to commit to one color — plus, you can change it whenever you’d like!

#8 Make use of the doors

Make use of the doors

Having a tiny closet means having to use all of the space that is available to you — including the doors. Use hooks to hang handbags, scarves, belts, etc. on the inside of the closet door. You can even line the door with cork so that you can hang your jewelry, such as necklaces and earrings, in place.

This may be difficult if you have sliding doors. In that case, you can still utilize the walls on the side of your closet by hanging hooks or shoe racks.

In Conclusion

As you can see, all it takes is a little ingenuity to turn your tiny closet into a functional space. If you need help planning out your rental’s closet, get in touch with the property managers at Luxury Property Care. We have a network of local vendors who specialize in interior design and architecture, helping you achieve the closet of your dreams.

Call us today at (561) 944 – 2992 or complete the contact form on our website for more information.

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