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Is your outdoor living space starting to look like it lacks inspiration? It’s time to spruce it up. Improving your outdoor living space won’t only increase the value of your property, but will also enhance its curb appeal. Best of all, you don’t have to break the bank to give it a makeover. Try these landscaping tips, and your neighbors will be green with envy:

#1 Add Pavers

Want to upgrade your patio on a budget? Cover up your concrete-poured patio with pavers. Pavers come in a variety of colors, shapes, and so on, you’re sure to find something that’ll fit your property’s facade. Compared to concrete slabs, pavers are a lot cheaper, so you won’t have to break the bank to replace them when they crack. If they get stained, you can even turn the paver over and no one will ever know what it looks like on the other side!

If you’re renting out your property, opt for a slip-resistant kind of paver like brick pavers. That way, you or your single family property management company won’t have to worry about your tenants filing a slip-and-fall lawsuit.

#2 Decide on a Theme

What’s the worst thing you could do to your garden? The answer: the create a clutter of themes. Your outdoor space should complement the structure of your home. For instance, if you have an “industrial” home, you wouldn’t want to surround it with wildflowers, but instead, plants such as fiddle-leaf figs. Similarly, if your property is inspired by Japanese architecture, go for bamboo fences and a stone footpath. The key is to make your outdoor space make sense.

Keep in mind that if you’re renting it out, opt for low-maintenance foliage. Not all tenants have a green thumb, so don’t burden them with garden maintenance.

#3 Divide Your Outdoor Living Space

Divide Your Outdoor Living Space

The inside of your property is divided into several spaces. There’s a space to eat, sleep, study, and so on. You should do the same with your outdoor space, as well. You can use planters to separate one space from the other, for instance, to separate the outdoor dining area from the pool area. Alternatively, you can use furniture to define each living space. You could use divider screens, but they tend to cover everything up and that isn’t very welcoming.

Pro Tip: If you’re from a hurricane-prone area such as Fort Lauderdale, consider hiring a property manager to help you create a hurricane preparedness plan. With their help, you won’t have to worry about your patio furniture flying away.

#4 Choose Bold Colors

Neutral tones are ideal for the indoors, but in the outdoors, they won’t stand out. Black-and-white furniture may look sleek, but these colors will be washed out when they’re placed beside your flower-bearing plants. Complement the earth’s natural palette with bold colors such as green and yellow. Choose bright colors for your cushions, chairs, tables, and so on. Doing this can add an element of fun to your outdoor space.

#5 Add Dramatic Outdoor Lighting

Add Dramatic Outdoor Lighting

Who says Christmas is the only time when you can hang up lights in your yard? By hanging outdoor lights, you can create a “dramatic” mood that’ll encourage you to spend more time surrounded by nature. It can also make your yard a safer space and enhance your luxury home security, keeping you from tripping as you make your way to the door. And, when the sun goes down, you can turn your outdoor space into a swoon-worthy setting for a dinner date.

As a rule of thumb, outdoor lights that point up enhance the architecture. On the other hand, outdoor lights that point down create a glow. If you’re planning on shaping your shrubs, be sure to place the lights behind them to accentuate their silhouette.

#6 Add a Fire Pit

There’s nothing like spending the night in front of a fire, roasting smores, and drinking hot cocoa. By adding a fire pit, you can turn your outdoor living space into an inviting area that’s designed for entertaining. You can dig a hole in the ground or use a gas-fueled fireplace. You can even create your own fireplace or fire pit using flagstones. Whatever type of fire pit you want to go for, be sure you don’t violate the local fire code. Consult a property management company to ensure that it’s lawful to add a fire pit to your yard.

#7 Create a Seating Area

Spruce up your outdoor living space by creating a seating area. If your yard doesn’t have a seating area, your guests won’t want to spend time in it. Besides, wouldn’t you want to show off your garden to your friends?

A seating area will force them to sit down and admire it. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on outdoor furniture. People sell cheap patio chairs, tables, etc. all the time! All there’s left to do is to add a fresh coat of paint, cushions, and you’re good to go.

#8 Design According to the Season

Design According to the Season

Your outdoor space doesn’t have to look like that all the time. You can update your yard each season so you won’t get tired of it easily. Since buying brand-new furniture isn’t economical, swap out the smaller pieces instead.

For instance, you could replace the yellow cushions with white ones during the winter, or replace the knitted blanket with a lightweight blanket when summer comes.  With that said, you should choose versatile outdoor furniture so you can conveniently spruce them up as the seasons change.

#9 Hire a Property Management Company

Property management is all-encompassing. This means that it includes indoor and outdoor maintenance. If you don’t have the time to oversee these areas, consider hiring a South Florida property management company or property manager. A real estate professional will ensure that your property is properly cared for, season after season. Best of all, they know the best tricks in the book to enhance your property’s curb appeal. That way, if you plan on selling it down the road, you can sell it for a profit.

If you’re searching for a property management company from South Florida, Luxury Property Care is your best bet. We provide top-rated property management services to South Florida investment properties. Call us at (561) 944 – 2992 or complete our contact form to learn more.

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