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Investing in rental properties can be a rewarding experience. You can turn a fixer-upper into a thousand-dollar listing, meet the kindest tenants, and more. But with the rewards come responsibilities such as performing regular property maintenance to keep the property in its best condition. With all of these duties as a landlord, you may have started to fall behind on your primary residence.

As your life as a property investor gets busier and busier, it can be challenging to maintain both your personal residence and your rentals. Fortunately, Luxury Property Care has prepared the ultimate checklist to help you remember your maintenance tasks.

If your home is starting to gather dust, it’s time to show it some well-deserved love and care. As long as you stick to the items in this list, your primary residence will be well-kept for years to come.

Monthly Property Maintenance Checklist for Your Primary Residence

In this section, we provide a monthly guide and break down the tasks you should tackle each month to keep your home safe and well-maintained.

#1 Evaluate Safety Hazards

1 Evaluate Safety Hazards

Safety hazards such as faulty wiring, broken smoke detectors, and expired fire extinguishers can result in unwanted scenarios that will force you to put your emergency action plan into action. Other safety hazards may not result in fatal consequences, but they can still injure yourself and your family. Every month, check your home for safety hazards such as loose floor tiles, broken handrails, etc. Address the problems as soon as possible — it could save a life.

#2 Change the HVAC Filters

2 Change the HVAC Filters 1

Dirty filters can affect the air quality inside your home, possibly causing respiratory problems like asthma. Over time, your HVAC filters will accumulate dirt and debris, blocking the flow of air. In general, changing out your filters every 2-3 months is acceptable, but if you’re living with pets, or if someone in the household suffers from allergies, it’s ideal to change your HVAC filters monthly.

#3 Clean the Range Hood Filter

3 Clean the Range Hood Filter

If you’ve never cleaned the range hood filter before, you’re in for a surprise. The range hood filter is one of the most commonly ignored parts of the kitchen, but it’s also one of the dirtiest. No matter how expensive your range hood is, grease will build up in its filter. A dirty range hood filter cannot effectively absorb the smell of smoke, resulting in a smelly home. To clean your range hood filter, simply soak it in warm water with soap or baking soda, and then scrub the grease off.

#4 Clean the Garbage Disposal

4 Clean the Garbage Disposal

Your kitchen’s garbage disposal is one of the common causes of indoor odors. To prevent foul smells from filling your home, clean the garbage disposal every month. There are several ways to do this, but the easiest solution is to pour vinegar and baking soda into the drain. You can also look out for house organizing and cleaning services to have a pristine clean home.

Quarterly Property Maintenance Checklist for Your Primary Residence

Here we provide a quarterly property maintenance checklist and break down the tasks you should tackle to keep your home safe and well-organized.

#1 Clean the Washing Machine Water Filter

1 Clean the Washing Machine Water Filter

Water contains minerals that will accumulate and solidify in your washing machine filter over time. A clogged filter prevents your washing machine from functioning properly and can leave lint deposits on your clothes. Every quarter, make it a habit to clean the water filter with warm and soapy water. This will loosen any trapped residue, making it good as new.

#2 Test the Garage Doors

2 Test the Garage Doors

Every three months, test your garage door’s auto-reverse feature. Since 1993, this feature has been required by law to prevent injuries (and even death) of persons trapped under the door. To test your garage doors, place a 2 x 4 block of wood, or any other solid material, on the ground directly underneath the door. Close your garage door — it should automatically reverse after hitting the wood. If it doesn’t, call a technician immediately.

#3 Run Water in Unused Toilets and Sinks

3 Run Water in Unused Toilets and Sinks

If your primary residence has guest bathrooms, or if you have sinks, toilets, and other water sources that rarely get used, it’s best to test them every quarter. This prevents grime and mineral buildup and keeps the water traps full. When the trap evaporates, sewer gas can get into your home, causing a foul stench. Make sure to run water in your sinks, showers, and toilets every three months. It’s as simple as turning the faucet on or pushing down the flush button.

Biannual Property Maintenance Checklist for Your Primary Residence

Keeping your primary residence in excellent condition doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here are some of the essential tasks you should tackle biannually to ensure your home remains a safe and comfortable haven.

#1 Clean and Repair Screens

1 Clean and Repair Screens

Window and door screens keep insects and small critters out of your home. They also let you open your windows during the summertime without letting flies in, especially if flies are buzzing around your trash bins. The downside to them is that they easily get torn, but luckily, repairing and replacing window and door screens is inexpensive.

#2 Clean Your Entire Home

2 Clean Your Entire Home

Take a weekend every six months to give your primary residence a deep clean. Ask the entire family to lend a hand, and assign a task to each member. For instance, you could clean the kitchen while your partner cleans the bathroom. Make sure to get every nook and cranny, including behind the refrigerator, underneath the sink, and more.

#3 Replace Batteries

3 Replace Batteries

Whether it’s a smoke detector, wall clock, TV remote, or any other battery-powered device, it’s best to change out your batteries twice a year. While most households wait until they hear the low-battery beeping sound, you can never be too careful especially when it comes to your smoke detector. Batteries won’t break the bank, anyway, so it won’t hurt to change them out every six months.

#4 Check Your Basement

4 Check Your Basement

Every summer, check your basement’s humidity levels in preparation for notorious summer storms. Your basement must remain dry — damp and even flood bathrooms are the main cause of mold and structural damage. Check for signs of dripping pipes, condensation, etc. It’s recommended to install a basement waterproofing system if you don’t have one already.


Keeping your primary residence in tip-top shape doesn’t have to take too much of your time. It helps to create a custom maintenance checklist for your property, as each home is unique in terms of size, occupants, appliances, etc.

Luxury Property Care can take care of your rental properties so that you can take care of your home. We offer full-service property maintenance, repairs, inspections, and more so that you can keep your primary residence in excellent shape year after year.

Get in touch with us today by calling (561) 944 – 2992 or filling out our contact form.

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