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Luxury Property Maintenance Services For High-End Homeowners

Luxury Property Preservation Services In South Florida

Professional Luxury Property Maintenance Team For High-End Homes

Imagine not having to worry about your property. Imagine the luxury of having professionals whose job is to keep your high-end home in impeccable condition. Imagine having a home that is cared for, down to the smallest detail.

With Luxury Property Care, you can have that and more. With dedicated luxury property maintenance teams in areas such as Bal Harbour, Pinecrest, Palm Springs, and more, we provide unparalleled luxury property preservation services to South Florida homes.

luxury property maintenance service in south florida
property manager to maintain your luxury home

Luxury Property Maintenance Company For Multiple Residence Owners

We are a luxury property maintenance company that coordinates services to manage upscale residences in South Florida. Our maintenance services are tailor-made to suit what you, the homeowner, desire for your particular property.

Many of our clients own multiple residences within the country but are often absent for long periods of time. They require bespoke property preservation services that cater to their home’s maintenance and repair needs, along with other activities that require the expertise of a property manager.

We act on behalf of our clients so that they can always come home to an immaculately preserved residence.


We understand how demanding maintaining a luxury home can be. From coordinating with vendors to supervising projects, the amount of work can be overwhelming. We also understand that maintaining a home takes time and energy — a luxury that most homeowners do not have. With Luxury Property Care, you can benefit from having a trusted partner who can handle every aspect of property management. We do the hard work so that you have the time to do the things that matter to you.

experienced property agents for your luxury houses in florida

Benefits of Partnering With Our Luxury Property Preservation Company

luxury home maintenance service to increase property value


Every property that we manage receives the special attention that it deserves. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, which ensures that each job is done properly. We take the time to familiarize ourselves with each client’s unique wants and needs so that we can offer an all-inclusive service that is unlike any other.



We have long-standing relationships with some of the best vendors and suppliers in the state. This allows us to provide our clients with unmatched workmanship, offering premium finishings, carefully selected materials, and more. Through our project luxury property maintenance services, we guarantee that your renovation project will be a success.



We put great importance on keeping our clients up-to-date on the activities that we perform on their properties. Aside from our monthly reports, our property managers continually communicate with our clients to provide updates on repairs, renovations, and more.

Who Should Consider Our High-End Property Maintenance Services?

Luxury Property Care serves a wide range of clientele, from high-profile businessmen to hard-working parents. We are committed to making our luxury home maintenance services available to every property owner in Florida, regardless of how massive or modest their luxury homes may be.

Absent Homeowners

For years, we have worked with clients who own multiple residences across the state — and sometimes the country. These homeowners are rarely home for significant periods of time. Hence, they need someone who can be on-site to oversee the upkeep of their properties. This is where our property managers come in. We make certain that their home is well taken care of throughout the year.

Homeowners on Extended Vacations

There’s nothing like walking into a spotless home after going on a long vacation. Many property owners have left their luxury homes in the hands of Luxury Property Care before jetting off on holiday. If you’re planning on taking an extended vacation to Bali, Tahiti, Santorini, or any other paradise, our property managers can look after your vacation home, so that you can be worry-free during your entire trip.

Households with Working Spouses

Luxury Property Care serves busy families — especially those with working spouses who do not have the time to stay on top of household chores. We coordinate with professional cleaning services to make sure that the home is in pristine condition. This allows the homeowners to come home to a clean house, and to enjoy the rest of their day with their loved ones.

Homeowners Who Desire More Freedom

We understand that managing a luxury home can be a handful. From tending to the garden to washing the linens, it can be a time-consuming task. If you want more time to spend on activities that are not related to your property, look no further than Luxury Property Care. Taking care of properties is what we do best. We’ll make sure that your property is maintained exactly the way you want it to be.

Our Home Maintenance Services for Luxury Houses In Florida

our experienced property managers in florida


Each month, our property managers will enter your property to conduct a walk-through of the home. This process allows us to identify potential ‘problem areas’ that require immediate attention. The entire walk-through will be documented through high-resolution photos and videos, which will be uploaded to the online owner portal. If requested, you can join the inspection through a video call — our property managers will schedule the inspection at your most convenient time.


Even when you’re not home, you will still be able to get a bird’s-eye view of everything that happens on your property. It will be as if you were right there with us! Through our luxury property maintenance company’s cutting-edge owner portal, you can receive real-time updates on projects, payments, and more. All of this information can be accessed 24/7 as long as you have access to a laptop, computer, or mobile phone.


We offer personalized housekeeping that meets your needs to a T. Your assigned property manager will hire a professional home cleaning service to make sure that your property is as neat as a new pin. We also perform regular checks to ensure that your appliances and equipment are in good working order.


In the event that we discover components of your home that require repairs, our property managers will get in touch with you immediately. As per company policy, we will always wait for your go signal before proceeding with structural repairs. We will provide you with a detailed estimate of the cost of repairs along with other pertinent information such as photos, videos, and home inspection reports. Check this article to learn about some common property repairing issues.


Managing household personnel can be a stressful task. For many of our clients, supervising their maids, cooks, butlers, chauffeurs, and more can feel like a full-time job. Our property management service can handle these tasks with ease. This includes recruiting, managing, and directing staff on their day-to-day responsibilities.


If you’re planning on making changes to your property, whether it’s to construct a pool or to transform your home into an open-plan space, our property managers can supervise the entire project. This is especially helpful if you’re too occupied with other tasks or if you cannot be on-site to monitor the progress of the renovation.


Our clients’ luxury homes often come with the most opulent gardens. While lush landscapes are stunning to look at, they require a lot of maintenance. Your assigned property manager will hire a professional landscaper who will regularly tend to your plants and maintain any water features that you might have.


An unoccupied home isn’t spared from health and safety hazards. Our property managers will perform regular inspections of your home to ensure that it is free from dangers that may put your household’s life at risk. We will check everything, including your smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, floorboards, doors and windows, and so on.


If you’re going on a month-long vacation, you probably don’t have the time to check if your fridge is empty or if you unplugged all of your devices. The good news is that Luxury Property Care will take care of all of these and more. We’ll make sure that all of your appliances and electronics are well-maintained so that you can come home to a fully functioning house.


Need someone to pay your bills? At Luxury Property Care, we have in-house personnel who handle the administrative work. Your dedicated property manager will coordinate with them in order to stay on top of all payments, including homeowner’s property insurance, mortgage, property tax, utilities (electricity, natural gas, water), and more.


You no longer have to worry about porch pirates. If you’re expecting packages to be delivered to your home, you simply have to inform your property manager in advance. He or she will make sure that the package is received and stored securely inside the home. If you’d like us to forward the mail to you, we can ship it locally or internationally.


The state of Florida is notorious for its hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters. The moment we receive news of extreme weather, we will take immediate action to prepare your property for the natural disaster or worst situation. This includes bringing furniture indoors, reinforcing the windows, and so on. Once the storm has passed, our team will inspect the home for damages. Rest assured that we will provide pre-and post-disaster documentation.

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Our Property Managers To Preserve Your Luxury House

Sivan Gerges
[email protected]
Liran Koren

[email protected]

Juliana Poyers
Asst. Prop. Mgr.

[email protected]

Chen Kodish
Senior Prop. Mgr.

[email protected]

Juliana Gaita

[email protected]

Tailor-Made Maintenance Services For Luxury Homeowners

property maintenance company's manager is talking with homeowners

We understand that no two properties are the same. With Luxury Property Care, you can customize your property preservation plan, down to the tiniest detail. Whatever you need for your property, our property managers will make the effort to accommodate your requests.

All of our property preservation packages include:


  • Professional team of property managers
  • Fully vetted vendors and suppliers
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Monthly accounting and reporting
  • Cutting-edge owner portal
  • …and more.

How We Select Our Vendors To Provide Luxury Home Maintenance Service?

When you partner with Luxury Property Care, you can rest assured that the vendors that conduct repairs in your home have been carefully selected by our team. Each vendor or supplier goes through a comprehensive screening process where they have to meet our basic criteria.


When hiring a vendor or supplier, we ensure that they will be able to accomplish the tasks with urgency and efficiency. Our first priority is their successful track record. We need to be certain that they can meet our company’s standards and our client’s expectations.


Since unexpected things can happen at any property, the vendors that we work with must be able to make their services available at moment’s notice. We look for vendors that do not charge additional fees for emergency repairs.


Luxury Property Care’s ideal vendor should be able to meet several needs at once. This means selecting advantageous vendors that offer multiple products and services, ultimately bringing down the total costs.


Because the services that we hire are frequently required, we make sure that the vendor or supplier can be relied on for years to come. We want your home to be taken care of by the same group of people because they will have gotten to know your unique preferences.


A crucial part of our selection criteria is whether or not the vendor or supplier meets your budget. Our property managers will do our best to negotiate the budget with your favored vendor in order to secure the services that you prefer.


One of the best ways to evaluate a potential supplier is by asking other property investors who have worked with them before. To get this information, our property managers will get in touch with top real estate agents, landlords, and property owners in the area.

Five Simple Steps To Get Our Preservation Services


Do you need someone to look after your high-end home? To get started, request an obligation-free assessment of your property. We will need a few details from you, such as your home’s size, location, age, and so on. Our property managers will use this information to provide you with the estimated cost for our luxury home maintenance services.

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evalute your luxury home's value after maintenance


Once you receive your obligation-free assessment, you can decide if you want to continue partnering with Luxury Property Care. Our managers are always available to address any questions that you may have regarding our luxury property maintenance services. An assigned property manager will walk you through what you can expect from our company.


Our team of in-house attorneys will prepare a draft of the contract, which will be given to you for review. During this stage, we welcome your suggestions with regard to the terms and conditions of the contract. At Luxury Property Care, we strive to accommodate our client’s needs. If there are certain clauses that you’d like to modify, we would be happy to look into them.

sign a contract with our property maintenance company
our property manager is inspecting your luxury home


Our luxury property maintenance team understands that high-end homes vary in their needs. This is why we are determined to create a customized management plan that is developed with you, the client. This collaborative effort allows us to ensure that all of our activities are aligned with what you want for your property.


At long last, you can free yourself from your responsibilities. You no longer have to worry about household chores, repairs, and other activities. With a dedicated property manager by your side, you can finally experience the lifestyle that you deserve.

lead a burden free life with our luxury property maintenance service


Nicole S.
Pinecrest, FL.

“I had to move to Dubai for work but I didn’t want to sell my home in Florida for sentimental reasons. Thankfully, Luxury Property Care was able to step in and care for my home exactly how I would have done it.”

Joseph C.
Bal Harbour, FL.

“I’m constantly traveling, which means I’m rarely home. Luxury Property Care has been looking after my residence for me. It’s nice to know that my home is safe and well taken care of even when I’m away.”

Darcy P.
Key Biscayne, FL.

“Because of the pandemic, I’ve been working from home almost 24 hours a day. This has left me with little time to take care of the home. I don’t even have the energy to wash the linens, anymore. When I hired Luxury Property Care, my house finally looked like a proper home again.”

Areas We provide Luxury Preservation Service Around Florida

areas we provide luxury preservation service around florida

Luxury Property Care is headquartered in Boca Raton, but our property managers are everywhere. We currently serve over sixty cities across nine counties in South Florida:

If you cannot find your location listed above, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Luxury Property Care. We would be happy to work out solutions that work best for you.

Get In Touch With Our Luxury Home Preservation Company

A luxury property management company can take the burden off of your shoulders. Get in touch with Luxury Property Care today to experience worry-free homeownership.

We would be delighted to offer you more information about our property preservation services for luxury homes.

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