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It is common to hear stories of conflict between the landlord and the tenant. If you are a landlord, you should not be surprised if you encounter a bad tenant who loves to complain. And if you are a tenant, you might be expecting to meet and greet a grumpy landlord with strict rules and regulations or who disregards all your issues and concerns.

In this post, we will be focusing on how modern landlords can show their love to their tenants. If you are one, here are ways you can create a harmonious relationship with your tenants.

1. Schedule regular meetings

It does not necessarily need to be in a formal setup for you to meet them regularly. It only means that as a landlord, you should always make a schedule to talk to your tenants even in a casual manner. For example, if you happen to live near your rental property, you can simply invite them to your place. Or if not, make an effort to visit them whenever convenient.

In this way, you can improve your communication with your tenant and know if they have any issues, if they need anything else, or if they are happy and content with their current situation.

2. Landscape consultation

As a landlord, you often visualize how you can better improve your property by changing the landscape. Landscape maintenance often happens during the spring, when most of the plants bloom. If you want to make some additions or remove current plants and decorations, you can try to consult with your tenants first.

Who knows, they might have better ideas for the landscape arrangements? You might be surprised to find out that they have experience with it or they have an interest in gardening. Apart from this, your tenants will feel more included in the improvements on the property.

3. Address and resolve any problems or concerns

Address and resolve any problems or concerns

It is normal to have issues or conflicts between a landlord and their tenants. However, addressing the tenants’ concerns promptly will help lighten up the situation. Solving conflicts requires communication, understanding, and patience. You cannot solve any problems with just a single talk. It will take time for both parties to sort out the root cause.

Though there are also scenarios when the common tenant complaints are getting hard to handle anymore, you can seek out legal or proper ways to deal with this issue so you can also protect your rights as a landlord.

4. Welcoming the new tenant

Starting things right with your tenants will make it easier for both of you to establish a good relationship. You can do it by giving them a welcome basket once they move in. It does not need to be lavish. You can just put some grocery items or goodies, essentials, or gift cards from nearby stores.

If your new tenant is newly-wed, they will surely appreciate this kind of gift. New tenants who are moving in from far locations will also benefit from these. Since they are still not familiar with your place on where to buy these necessities, they can make use of your welcome gift as they adjust to their new environment.

5. Renewal incentives

For some, it is rare to find a good tenant. But if you happen to have the ideal one that any landlord could ask for, then offer them renewal incentives to encourage them to stay longer. Renewal incentives can increase tenants’ satisfaction. Well, your tenants deserve to have one if they do not cause you any stress, doesn’t it?

The incentive does not need to be lavish. It can be anything beneficial for both you and your tenants. For example, you can offer a complimentary property cleaning or an appliance upgrade such as a new flooring installation. There can also be other long-term improvements you can offer that even if the current tenant moves out, can still be used by the future tenants.

6. Greet and send a birthday card

Greet and send a birthday card

Any person will surely appreciate it if someone greets or surprises them on their birthday. So why not do the same for your tenants? You can try to leave a birthday card in their mailbox with your handwritten note and a gift certificate from a shopping center if you have one.

Your tenant will surely appreciate the thoughtful gesture, especially if they often just check the mailbox for utility bills. They will also feel that you are a family to them, which will boost the good relationship you have with them.

7. Create a tenant portal

As a landlord, of course, you have other life outside managing your properties and such. What if you are on vacation, running some important errands, or on a business trip and your tenant needs your attention, how will they be able to reach you and vice versa?

Since it is important to address your tenant’s concerns, especially urgent needs or emergencies, you need to open a 24/7 client portal. You can provide them with your contact number for emergency purposes or create a messaging group chat where you can both send messages conveniently. In this way, your tenant will feel that you are not neglecting their concerns and you are always willing to help.

8. Stay updated with the tenants’ needs

As you build better communication and relationships with your tenants, you will also get to know other things they may need or requested. Tenants will ask for available amenities on your property. The common ones are stable Wi-Fi connection, smart appliances, an open floor plan, and a spacious kitchen.

You may be the owner of the property, but you should not only think of what you may need. You should also know what your tenants are looking for in a comfortable living.

9. Encourage tenant for lease renewals

Encourage tenant for lease renewals

Do you have any tenants that plan to move out soon? Why not make a follow-up with them for at least 90 days before their lease expires to know if they still have plans to extend their stay?

You may overlook it, but checking with your tenant a few months before they leave may give them a change of mind to stay. Maybe you can at least provide a solution. But if they are already decided, at least you have ample time to look for a new tenant.

10. Involve tenants in decisions on property management or maintenance

Most of the time, landlords treat their tenants as if they do not exist. For example, if there is any property management or maintenance, the landlord is the one deciding and giving the shots, neglecting the tenants’ opinions or preferences.

As a landlord, you have to provide a better space for your tenants to live or stay in. If there are any improvements you want to make, you should also ask them and involve them in the process. In this way, both of you will be satisfied with the result.

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