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Owning a mansion in the mountains or the alps is not something anyone can quickly achieve. If you have one, you probably consider it one of your treasured possession. Thus, it is only natural if you think of some ways you can transform it as another means to earn passive income.

Mountain mansions are ideal destinations all year round. In spring or summer, many people may want to experience nature. Thus, they go up to the mountains to relax or stay off the grid for a while. While during the winter, many people still go out to experience winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding.

In that sense, you can turn your mountain mansion property into a money-making machine that can generate more income than you expect. If you want to know more, here are some practical ways to consider.

4 Ways You Can Earn Additional Income with Your Mansion Property

An estimated 50 million people visit mountain resorts and attractions annually. These number just proves how you can gain profit from your mountain mansion property. There are so many ideas you can try to make your property a welcoming place for visitors to stay in as they explore and go on an adventure to the mountains.

If you want to take this opportunity and earn more income, here’s how you can learn more about mansion management and make more money from your property investment.

List it for short-term rentals

Now, you can rent houses and condos and manage short-term rentals to earn additional income. Web platforms such as Airbnb,, and many other travel booking websites are some of the best ways to engage. It works best, especially if the location of your property is near tourist destinations, such as beaches, campsites, and mountain resorts.

Since yours is a mountain mansion, you can grab the opportunity to transform its rooms for short-term rentals instead of renting them to someone permanently or fixed for a long time.

Instead of renting out your house to someone as their “permanent” home for months or years with a fixed amount, you can rent it to someone staying in your house for a day, a week, or even a few weeks.

However, short-term rentals have a disadvantage since you cannot guarantee regular visitors to book your place, which can become a risk, but it is worth taking. You may need to work on advertising or marketing your mountain mansion rental or think of other ways to attract more visitors to rent your place and accept more bookings.

You can visit the Airbnb website to know more about listing your property for short-term rentals. From there, you can register your place right away.

Rent it out as a film set

Rent it out as a film set

Mountains are one of the best locations for films and movies. Many production crews look for the ideal location where they can film such cinematic shots, and if your property does offer the visual they want, you can rent out your mountain mansion as a film set.

You can work it out while also having your property listed for short-term rentals. Sending out your contacts to film crews for them to rent your place is a better alternative when you do not have any guests on your property yet.

Convert it into a mountain resort

You can transform other areas into a mountain resort if you have spacious land for your mountain mansion. However, you may want to build more facilities, such as a swimming pool, hot spring tub, a mini restaurant or bar, garden, camping grounds, and many other related buildings or facilities. You can also consider building a separate log cabin if it is feasible.

Aside from that, you can also look for outdoor activities that most travelers may want to try during their stay. You should know the nearby attractions on your property and offer tours on how to go there.

If you think all this stuff is a lot to handle, you can seek luxury property management assistance to help you with all the work. These services offer property maintenance to keep your property in its best condition. Thus, it can attract more visitors to come book at your place.

Turn it into a campsite

Mountains are also ideal locations for camping. You can grab this opportunity, especially if you have a lot of space to offer. You can convert the garage of your mansion to a campsite by pitching in tents, fire pits, and other amenities needed for camping.

You can get more bookings if your property also resides on a nearby lake or other outdoor landscapes that campers love to take their adventure on, such as waterfalls, rivers, or hiking trails. You need to offer every opportunity surrounding your property a great camping experience.

To add more, you can also invest in some cooking facilities and toilets. These two are the essential things most campers usually need in outdoor camping.

Rent it out as a wedding reception venue or for other events

Rent it out as a wedding reception venue or for other events

Investing in the aesthetics of your mountain mansion indeed costs you a lot. If you want a return on every design and decoration you invested in to make your property look more attractive, you can try to rent it out as a venue for special occasions, such as weddings.

Wedding organizers and event planners always look for the perfect location to offer their clients. You can partner with them and offer your place as a wedding reception venue. Of course, do not forget the natural backdrop, which also makes an excellent background for photoshoots and video shoots for memorable events.

You can also hire holiday decorating services to transform your venue into a festive wonderland, enhancing the ambiance and creating unforgettable moments for your guests.

Make the Most of Your Mountain Mansion With Our Property Management Services

Need help in mansion management or any other properties you own? Luxury Care Property is at your service. We offer extensive real estate management services to make the most of your property investment. Contact us at (561) 944-2992, or you can also fill out the contact form, so we know how we can help you.

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