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The key to selling your home is the right marketing strategy. If you don’t drum up interest in your home, you won’t be able to find homebuyers fast. With the right marketing methods, you’ll be able to draw in more people and ultimately, sell your home at the best possible price. In this post, we’ve put together the top tips to help you take a leap in real estate marketing:

#1. Prepare a Marketing Plan

Preparing a marketing plan is one of the specialties of a private home property management company. Having been in the business for years, they know where your target buyers will most likely be looking for homes.

Suppose homes in your area are usually sold to professionals in their late 20s to early 30s. In that case, they’d understand that they need to concentrate their marketing on media that homeowners in their 20s to 30s would use, such as social media. In that way, they won’t have to waste their time and money on marketing strategies that won’t work for their target market. In the same way, a property that’s geared toward people in their old age would be best marketed using printed marketing materials such as the newspaper.

#2. Take Great Photographs

Top real estate agents know that images are the key to selling a home. Remember that most homebuyers use the Internet to browse homes, so it’s essential to post photographs that show your property in its best light. Taking great photographs allows you to grab potential homebuyers’ attention and make your property stand out from the thousands of homes on the market.

Ensure that there’s great lighting, the garden is mowed and manicured, and there’s no evidence of personal property (e.g. framed family portraits). On the interior, brighten the rooms by opening the blinds and painting the walls white or beige. Be sure to photograph every room even if you don’t think the room is “photogenic” – if homebuyers can’t find pictures of a particular room, they’ll wonder why it was left out. Finally, consider partnering with a professional property management company to furnish and stage the home.

The best way to get great photos is by working with a professional photographer, which your private home property management agent can arrange for. But if you don’t have the budget, you can do it yourself as long as you have the chops to produce passable pictures.

#3. Set the Correct Price

Set the Correct Price

The cornerstone of any successful home sale is the correct price. Even if your marketing strategy gets an A+, if your asking price isn’t right, you’ll still struggle to sell your home. Make the mistake of pricing your home too high and it could sit on the market for too long. However, if you price too low, you could be missing out on significant profit. Furthermore, a price that’s too low tends to turn buyers away as they’ll think there’s an issue with the home.

To pare it down to a realistic price, you can conduct a comparative market analysis (CMA). The CMA takes into account the price of recently sold properties that have the same overall features as yours. For example, if you plan to sell your three-bedroom home, review how much other three-bedroom homes have sold. However, if you want to sell fast, you can consider reducing your price as long as you aren’t at a disadvantage. With the help of a private home property management firm, you can come up with a competitive price that will entice homeowners.

#4. Put Up a “For Sale” Signage

Want to market your home for free? Put up a “For Sale” signage on the front of the property! This strategy works for homebuyers who like to drive by neighborhoods looking for “For Sale” signs. Plus, it’s one way to persuade passers-by who might not be looking for a home to think about buying a home.

Signages are also a great way to get neighbors to inform their contacts about it. Bear in mind that neighbors tend to play an active role in who buys a nearby home. The reason is that, if a bad homeowner buys it, they’ll be the ones to deal with troublesome behavior.

If your home is in a homeowners association (HOA) community, make sure to ask if you can mount a sign on the front yard. In many HOA communities, homeowners are only allowed to put up signs in the windows.

#5. Write a Compelling Listing

When you list your property on sites such as the MLS, you’ll be asked to write a property description. Homeowners have a habit of writing this themselves, however, the problem is that not all homeowners know what to write. They make the mistake of simply writing how many bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. are in the home.

A well-written property description will allow potential homebuyers to picture what it’s like to live in your home. So say goodbye to basic information such as “three-bedroom, two-bathroom home with pool”, and focus on the most desirable features of the home. Maybe it has waterfront views, mid-century modern architecture, or handcrafted doors – whatever it is, strive to put the spotlight on what makes it stand out.

Pro Tip: When you hire a Florida property management firm, you won’t have to worry about what to write. They have the writing chops to craft a creative listing for you.

#6. Use Social Media

Use Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool that will allow you to sell your home ASAP. That’s why real estate agents and property managers always use it. Not only is it absolutely free, but it also lets you promote your property to a wide pool of potential homebuyers. Data from Pew Research Center shows that 69% of U.S. adults use Facebook – by posting your property on Facebook, you’ll be able to market your home to that many people all at once!

You don’t even have to pay for ads – you can simply upload photos of your property for your friends to share. Who knows? They may be friends with someone who’s looking to buy a home in your neighborhood.

Get Marketing Help From a Private Home Property Management Firm

Consult a top property management company today to create a tailor-made marketing plan for your Florida home. When you partner with Luxury Property Care, experts will prepare a marketing plan that’s designed to showcase your property’s selling points, market it to the right people, and sell it for the right price. With our help, homebuyers will surely love your abode and you’ll be able to sell your home in no time.

To sell your Florida home fast, call (561) 944 – 2992 or fill out our contact form today.

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