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Weeds will grow anywhere — that’s why they are called opportunistic plants. They will grow in hard soil, wet soil, shady areas, sunny areas, and so on. As long as the conditions are right for germination, weeds will grow. And once they grow, it will be incredibly hard to get rid of them.

But don’t fret — fortunately, even the most stubborn weeds can be removed. In this article, we’ll list down how you can control weed growth and get rid of them for good.

Why do weeds need to be removed?

What’s wrong with weeds, anyway? Aside from aesthetic purposes, there are practical reasons why getting rid of weeds in your garden should be part of your South Florida property management plan.

#1 Weeds can get out of control

If weeds are not removed, they will find their way out of the yard and into your home. Weeds will grow in the greenhouse and put pressure on your pathways. Eventually, the weeds will push the pavers out of place, and you’ll end up with a wonky walkway. Be prepared to spend around $10 to $17 per square foot to replace the pavers on your patio.

#2 They steal nutrients from your plants

They steal nutrients from your plants

Trying to grow a fruit- or vegetable-bearing garden? Weeds will get in their way by “stealing” the nutrients in the soil. You’ll eventually find that the food you’ve grown isn’t as flavorful as you would’ve wanted. What’s more, overgrown weeds will “hog” the sunlight.

#3 Weeds welcome pests

Tall weeds will attract all types of pests such as insects and rodents — and no one wants that. Once pests start showing up at your property, it won’t be long until you’ll have a full-blown vermin infestation. Plus, pests will start eating your garden plants! That would be a shame if you were patiently waiting for them to grow. So, it is important to remove weeds from the backyard. However, if pests start to show up there are ways to prevent pests in your property.

How can you get rid of weeds from your garden?

There’s no need to worry. You can control the growth of weeds with proper garden and property preservation services. While there isn’t a single solution to weed growth, a combination of these steps should get rid of weeds for good.

#1 Use organic mulch

Use organic mulch

Cover the ground with organic mulch (e.g. garden compost with leaves). If you aren’t concerned with curb appeal, you should consider throwing in some straw hay, as well. The mulch will continue to provide your plants with nutrients while depriving the weeds. Alternatively, you could start by laying down a carpet of newspaper to stop new weeds from sprouting. Wet the newspaper in ten-sheet layers, spread them on the soil, and top them off with two inches of mulch. This will smother the weeds while nourishing the soil.

#2 Weed with your hands

If you have the time (and patience), pull out the weed with your bare hands. If you don’t want to use your fingers, use weeding tools such as an angled hand hoe. If you’d rather get rid of the weeds while standing, use a long-handled hoe with sharp prongs that grip the weeds by the roots. In general, you’ll want to stand when you’re removing weeds with deep roots such as thistles and dandelions.

#3 Use vinegar

Use vinegar

Herbicides aren’t the best, so for a natural alternative, go for vinegar. Vinegar is an acetic acid that can get rid of weeds, but be careful with this method since it’s also destructive to the plants that you actually want there. Here’s how to create your own concoction:

  • Pour a gallon of white vinegar with 5% concentration into a container
  • Add one cup of salt and stir until it dissolves entirely
  • Add one tablespoon of dishwashing soap and stir thoroughly
  • Pour the solution into a plastic spray bottle

Weeds that are drenched in this DIY solution will die within days. You won’t have to worry about unwanted plants growing in that area again.

#4 Pour boiling water on the weeds

This is the easiest way to get rid of weeds for good. By boiling a kettle of water, you can keep weeds at bay by killing them from the taproots. Deep-rooted weeds can be hard to remove in paved areas, so you can opt to burn them with boiling water.

Are there other tips on weed control?

#1 Pull weeds when the soil is wet

Pull weeds when the soil is moist, ideally when you water your plants. That way, there’s a good chance that the weed can be pulled out completely. It’s also easier to pull out weeds when the soil isn’t compact, such as clay.

#2 Don’t water the weeds

If you haven’t had the time to remove the weeds, remember not to water them at all. Hence, don’t water your plants with a garden hose. Instead, add a drip hose to irrigate your garden plants while reducing weed germination by around 50% to 70%. Also, there are a few other ways to conserve water outdoors so that you can save it and prevent the growth of weeds in your backyard.

#3 Put the weeds in a compost pile

Put the weeds in a compost pile

Once you’ve removed the weeds, leave them out to dry under the sun. This will ensure that the seeds won’t “infect” your yard again. Then, use them as mulch. Alternatively, you could toss the weeds into a hot compost pile where temperatures can reach 200 degrees.

#4 Don’t burn yard weeds

Be careful! Throwing weeds into the fire can release harmful fumes into the air. This can cause serious respiratory issues, and in some cases, it can be considered illegal. To be safe, leave the heavy lifting to your property management firm. They have a network of vetted vendors that can properly dispose of pesky weeds.


Getting rid of weeds is an issue for garden-growers around the world. Fortunately, by following the steps above, you can get rid of them for good. By maintaining a weed-free yard, you can ensure that your fruit- and vegetable-bearing plants continue to get the nutrients they need. Best of all, it enhances your home’s curb appeal so you can attract tenants if being a landlord is in the cards.

At Luxury Property Care, we provide property preservation services across South Florida. When you hire our team of competent property managers, we will ensure that your yard or garden is in pristine condition year-round.

Want more information? Feel free to contact us at (561) 944 – 2992 or complete our contact form today

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